Three Natural Healing Essential Oils

In this article you will find some natural healing essential oils with health benefits. They are all natural and do not possess any side-effects if used with care.

1. Thyme

The thyme essential oil is obtained from the flowering tops by steam distillation. It stimulates white blood cell production, having an almost antibiotic effect on infections.

Thyme essential oil is helpful for:

1. Colds and Flu: Inhale or blend with carrier oil and use to massage the chest, neck and head. This oil can help protect other in the family from the virus. Use in a vaporizer or burner.

2. muscle fatigue: Add six drops to your bath.

3. Arthritis: Add to your bath, or use in carrier oil to rub the affected area, or make a hot compress.

4. Sore throat, tonsillitis: Use in a gargle, two drops of in a glass of water, or mix in carrier oil and apply to the chest and throat.

5. Whooping cough: Inhale, or mix into carrier oil and rub the chest regularly.

2. Vetivert

The vertivert oil is obtained from the root by distillation. It is popular in the perfume industry and has a long-lasting woody fragrance, often popular with men. In the east it is known as the oil of tranquility and is often used for meditation.

Vertivert essential oil is helpful for:

1. Hysteria: Blend in carrier oil and massage the solar plexus or inhale.

2. Stress: Use in a burner or in the bath

3. Stiff neck: Use in carrier oil and massage the shoulders and neck.

4. Tired, aching legs: Use in carrier oil for massage.

3. Verbena

This oil is probably better known as lemon grass. It is a fragrant grass which grows in India, and the oil is obtained by distillation.

Verbena essential oil is helpful for:

1. acne, spotty skin: Use in carrier oil (wheat germ is good for its healing properties) to massage, or dilute 5 drops in water and used to wipe the skin after cleansing.

2. Digestive problems e.g. colitis: Use in carrier oil to massage the abdomen at regular interval.

3. Irritability, tension: Add to your bath, inhale or use in carrier oil on the shoulders and neck.

4. Poor muscle tone: Improves elasticity. Use in carrier oil for massage or in the bath.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.