Three Bad Habits That We Should Not Do for Our Skin

Knowing how important our skin is, we should do something great for it. Perhaps starting a healthy habit is the most primary move to take as this helps our valued possession from outer and inner sources. Note that it’s the only skin we have, so it’s worth protecting

Is your skin as soft and healthy as you’d like? You may be sabotaging it without even knowing. So here are three of the habits that you must break as they wreak havoc on your skin. Note them in order to attain a beautiful and healthy skin.

Bad Habit 1: Shaving Dry

It is important to note that shaving legs and underarms dry can cause irritation, ingrown hairs and razor burn. So, to nurture the skin, softening it in the shower for about 10 minutes is worth considering. Most experts even recommend this stuff for those who wish to attain good looking skin. After doing it, you must apply a layer of shaving cream and not soap, which will just dull the razor and invite cuts. You must shave in long strokes. And, slather on body lotion post-shower.

Bad Habit 2: Ignoring Incidental Sun Exposure

It is true that walking from your car or wherever you may be to the office under the sun may not be as damaging as spending hours baking on the beach. However, it is important to note that even just a few minutes of exposure here and there doesn’t mean that you won’t get wrinkles. It does bring on wrinkles just the same. For that, you should try wearing a daily SPF lotion specially formulated for facial application. Many experts suggest brands of SPF lotion like the Clinique and Neutrogena as they have versions that really work well under makeup.

Bad Habit 3: Avoiding Exfoliation

It is often said that considering exfoliation of the skin brings out great results. Perhaps this is for the reason that if you just ignore exfoliation, dead skin cells will start to build up on the skin, causing itchiness and rashes, especially on the unpredictable or dry weather. So, it is often recommended that you scrub your skin daily with a puff, a loofah, or a grainy exfoliator to help sweep rough skin away. After scrubbing, apply moisturizer to lock in softness.

Now that you already know about the three bad habits to break, so if you want your skin to be on its behavior, you need to change your act now for the better skin on earth