Thoughtful Words For A Thank You Note:What To Write On Your Thank You Note To Express Your Gratitude

Sending people thank you notes is one way you can show how much you appreciate them. While a lot of people send them after hosting a party or an event, you can also send these notes to people for just being there in your life.

And by using thoughtful words for a thank you note, you’re making it more special. These words break away from the usual messages in most “thank you” templates.

Personally, I prefer sending thank you notes through snail mail or by dropping it off at the person’s house rather than through e-mail. There’s just something more sincere about a handwritten note than one conjured up in Word.

If you want to make your message more personal, below are some thoughtful words for a thank you note you can use.

1) What are you thanking that person for?

First of all, write down what you’re thankful to that person for. Was it for attending your party? Then write down, “Thank you for attending the baby shower last Sunday.” If it’s for a gift, then write down, “Thank you for that cute giraffe stuffed toy you gave me.”

Be as specific as possible to give the receiver the impression that the thank you note was written for her and for her only.

2) How did that person make you feel?

After thanking that person, write down how positive that person’s presence of gift made you feel.

Following our first two examples, you can write down these thoughtful words for your thank you note: “The shower wouldn’t have been the same without my best friend there,” or “It fits perfectly well into our baby’s crib.”

You can take this opportunity to elaborate more. Write about two or three sentences talking about it, but not much more. This is only a thank you note and you probably have to write ten or twenty more after this one.

3) Thank that person again.

This is the last part of your thank you note. Make sure you thank that person again for coming to your event or for that package they sent over.

You can write down, “Thank you again for coming to the baby shower,” and then add, “I hope we can see more of each other in the future.”

While it’s important to keep everything nice in your thank you note, it is just as important to mean what you write. If you don’t really want to see more of that person, don’t write that you do.

These are some of the key thoughtful words for a thank you note. I hope you’ve learned something helpful from this article, and I encourage you to be as creative as you can be as well.