Thoughtful Golf Gifts For Golf Lovers

If any of your friends or family are golfers, you may wonder what kind of present you could give them. It can be hard to choose, but, if you know how interested the player is, and how experienced they are, then you can make the selection process a little easier.

There are some golf gifts that any golfer will appreciate. If you can get someone vouchers for a round at their favorite course, then they will most certainly enjoy that. Usually, vouchers are good for a round of 18 holes, but many courses will allow them to be used in batches of 9, making them ideal gifts for even casual golfers. If you are buying vouchers, make sure that you buy them at the right rate – if your friend qualifies for a certain discount, often vouchers will be available at that rate too.

Another great gift for golf lovers are golf balls. Golf Balls are another of the many golf gifts that most players will enjoy. Bear in mind that the recipient may be partial to a specific brand ball. Nevertheless, if you give someone the gift of golf balls, there is an excellent chance they will appreciate them and use them. You should know that there are different compression ratings for golf balls and they are used in different weather, but these details may not be crucial for your weekend hobby golfer. Just make sure that you don’t buy your male friends what may be considered to be women’s golf balls.

Let Them Choose

If you are thinking of buying golf clubs, then perhaps you should reconsider. They are a very personal choice, and most golfers would prefer to test out the clubs themselves, and select them based on their own preferences. A gift certificate for a sports store would be much better than spending money on clubs that are unlikely to get used. Either ask them what set of clubs they would like, or give them a gift certificate, and let them choose their own.

Another golf gift that would be most welcome would be a towel that hangs on their bag to wipe their hands or club heads. A ball retriever would also be generally acceptable by everyone. They can be very handy and are used when fishing balls from water hazards. And for youngsters who may want to surprise Dad with a golf gift, a bag of wood tees would always be welcomed by any golfer.

You could also think about getting them a range finder, a stroke counter, or some other score keeping device, or some golf clothing such as gloves or a cap. There are lots of great golf gifts out there, you just need to find out what they already have, and what they may be interested in. The fact that you have chosen to take an interest in their hobby and selected an interesting gift for them will stand for itself, and they are sure to appreciate whatever you pick out for them.