Thought Power And How To Use Yours

Thought Power is the most powerful creative force known to humanity…

Everything that we have today – the inventions and modern conveniences, our legal system, the books in our libraries, and our religious belief systems, to cite but a few examples, all began with a concept in someone’s mind and came to fruition with thought power.

Some people who have studied various types of Metaphysical belief systems believe that thought power creates a being called a Thought-form. Thought-forms are dispatched to go get whatever it is that the meta physician desires.

Thought Power Is Contagious

Have you ever been in a down mood and then entered into the company of someone who was so happy and charismatic that it was impossible to be sad or angry around this person?

A great public speaker has the ability to transform the emotions of their audience with their thought power. This can work for either good or bad-one of the prime examples of a public speaker with this power in modern times was Adolf Hitler.

Like attracts like, and thoughts are contagious. Hitler knew this and used this fact to turn the emotions of his mesmerized audience over the course of the many years of his reign, unfortunately turning thought power into a force for destruction and death.

Examples of those who have this power and use it to help people include Anthony Robbins, the dynamic motivational speaker, and Dr. Maxwell Maltz, the creator of the Psycho-cybernetics system.

The Psycho-cybernetics system runs on the principle that as you think of yourself, so you become. Dr. Maltz was a plastic surgeon who couldn’t understand why his patients would undergo surgery to correct birthmarks or facial damage caused in an accident, and then still think of themselves as ugly, despite the evidence in the mirror to the contrary.

Psycho-cybernetics utilizes thought power in the Theatre of the mind, a place inside your mind where you go everyday and play out scenarios of how you would bring about changes in your life right down to the level of envisioning what you will say to others to cause the changes and events that you desire to take place.

We all have the power to do this – you don’t have to be Dr. Maltz or Tony Robbins to use your thought power in this way…

All of the new and wonderful information contained in the book The Secret was actually written many years ago in books that are now in the public domain. One such book is As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. In this book he teaches that our thoughts change when we raise the level of our vibration to a higher level.

Our thoughts have the power to heal us or to kill us. Think for a moment how you feel after you have gotten angry and gone off on someone.

While it may be good to get an injustice off your chest, the very act of sending out angry thoughts can make you physically ill. Likewise, thinking happy, uplifting thoughts will make you feel much better…