Thought Is Pure, Formless, And Emotionless

Thought is something that is sensed by human form. It has no shape, no size, taste, smell or anything that can be perceived by the human senses.

But we all think, and we are aware of the process as much as we are of our emotions. Thought cannot be created or destroyed. It lingers silently around us. It has a voice that speaks to us at a constant volume somewhere between our ears. Thought manages our body, both in and around it. The body does nothing without being preceded by a thought of action.

Thought is eternal, needless and prolific. The human being on the other hand is static, lifeless and powerless. Very much like any vehicle, it requires a thought to animate it.

The only thing thought does not have is experience. It has the power to create and to process information. But in itself it cannot experience what it thinks about, and is therefore incomplete. All thought, all ideas must be experienced at all levels of awareness to be complete.

The thoughts that we sense as a physical creature are not the bodies. It is a trick; it is a mechanism whereby thought can experience a desired aspect of the human physical life, in a unique way. But it is the same thought or source that interacts with itself as another body or physical thing.

Thought feeds on itself to experience itself as this or that. Because thought is life itself it expands by creating a new thought. Every thought leads to another-it is motion-it is life itself.

Life is simply a continuous series of thought; one frame blending into another as in a role of film. The motion is an illusion. Without thought the body dies. Thought uses light to project itself into physical form. Matter is the densest form of light and very little of it actually exists. Matter is constantly being recycled and reshaped by thought. Because it is rare in the universe, it must never remain in any permanent shape.

It is the purpose of thought to move. Like a shark; if it does not continue to move it will die. An idea dies once it reaches its desired experience and it is replaced by another.

Your ego is a label that thought sticks to your body. It is a set of parameters used to experience physical life uniquely as this one or that one. This uniqueness is a necessary part of the whole picture as any piece is in a puzzle. The whole is formed by the sum of its parts. In the same way thought experiences itself as complete by experiencing itself through its parts.

In the human body we know ourselves through experience of our five senses and others, in relationship to our environment. It is possible for the ego to experience this relationship by understanding the process, and by removing its awareness from the physical body to observe itself in motion-like watching itself in a mirror. The human experience is tantalizing and addictive-it is desirable and thought is driven to experience it anyway it can imagine.

It is thought that is creating these words. It is the hand that is writing it. But it is ego that believes it is doing both. Although it seems like there are several processes going on at once; there is really only one. It is thought creating an experience.

I have written this article many times over the years. But each time it is different; something is added or taken away-it’s the same but not the same. And each time I will reach someone who understands it in a different way. Everyone who experiences the fruit of this seed I am planting will expand upon it and keep the process going. Every thought creates a new thought; every idea a new one, and every experience will be unique.

How it helps in our physical life is to know how the process works and then accept it. When your life is viewed from this perspective it brings peace, because you will know yourself not as a victim, but as a creator with all the power of the universe to experience anything that you desire. You will not perish after your physical life but will continue indefinitely in as many forms as you may imagine.

The true nature of thought is freedom. Freedom is unconditional, emotionless love. Know yourself as this love and you will never bend over to any god or creature that you have created in this world. You will see what you have created, and know yourself as the source. You are what you seek to join with. You do not have to look for yourself, but experience what you already are in your perfection as the creator, recreating yourself one experience after another.

None-the-less, knowing your true nature will not excuse you from human physical experiences. Having a shot in the arm will still be painful, but knowing that it is good for you or that it will bring relief from your suffering will make it more tolerable. Choice excuses unnecessary, suffering or desperation.

Thought really is all there is. It is pure, powerful, and moldable. It changes before it even becomes part of your consciousness. All matter is thought formed and experienced. It has no emotion or attachments, and while ego is also mind, it expresses itself physically as emotion. Emotion is always felt physically so it therefore has no place in the realm of the absolute. It is the ego which commands spirit in the physical realm. It is spirit that creates what the ego desires and it is the ego/mind that limits its own experience. The greater the awareness of ego to mind, the greater will be its experience within the ego’s ability to use it.

The love of self within the knowledge of your true nature will set you free. It is your thoughts about you environment and relationships which will dictate how you will experience them. Change your thoughts and you will change your experience. Choose the motions you want to experience and you will draw the persons, places, and things which will facilitate the experience. It is really that simple-it is the law of attraction in action.

Empower yourself to be greater than you could ever imagine. Know this-you are God in human form having a physical experience. And you can access all the power of that thought, when you accept it. You are what you know. Knowing is a dead end-it goes no where.