This is Why you are not happy

Everyone wants to be happy with their lives but the question is how many of them really try to be happy?

Inferior advice about happiness present everywhere like “Think positively” or “be optimistic” have convinced the majority of people that happiness is all about changing something in the mind instead of making real changes to the person’s life.

Happiness, like everything else in life can only be achieved after you decide to fight for it and win the fight. So if you want to be happy in your life let me first ask you the question,

Are you fighting for happiness?

Fighting for happiness

When was the last time you took a decision because happiness was a priority?
When was the last time the desire to be happy was the basis of a big decision you took?
Did you search for another job instead of that stressful one you are currently doing?
or did you just say “its my job” and i can’t quit it now.

Ask any person in the world about his goals and you will find that being happy is one of them then look closely at his life style and you will discover that he is doing tons of things that makes him unhappy and for each of these things he will have a different excuse.

Its my job
I don’t have time
I can’t do that now
That’s too risky
Id rather play it safe
people won’t like that

The previous excuses were just a small sample of the tons of excuses people use everyday in order to justify the actions that they are doing and that are making them unhappy.

Do you know how you can become really happy?
You will become truly happy when happiness becomes a priority.
When you move from one town to another because you believe that you will be happier there
When you quit your job and search for another because you don’t want to live a stressful life
When your decisions and choices become affected by your need to become happy.

A friend of mine wants to be happy but he works for one complete month on a rig and arrives back for a 2 day vacation after that month.

When i ask him how can he handle his job he tells me that he hates it and that he wants to be happy.

When i ask him why don’t he look for another one he tells me that the pay is very high and that he wants that amount of monthly income.

my response is usually “You want money, not happiness so don’t complain about being sad”

Its all about making happiness a priority.