This is the BEST Video Marketing Strategy I’ve Ever Used

Hi everyone! I just wanted to shout out a quick message from Alaska here and tell you about something that I’ve been doing for the last 2 days that’s gotten me about 50% more leads from my Article Marketing strategiesÂ… (FYI I already get quite a lot of leads every day from simple article marketing strategies). This is one of those strategies that my competition will probably get mad at me for teaching to you free of charge, but I really want to help you get some traffic for your business. The strategy is extremely easy and it works lightning quick. Here’s the technique: 1. You want to begin by writing a simple article and posting it on one of the many available mediums out there.

2. Second, you want to make a short video simply announcing your article, blog entry, etc. (Keep your video around a minute and a half.)

3. Use Traffic Geyser to upload and submit your video to the major video sites like YouTube. Direct the clickable link on your video resource box to your original article.

Just so you can know what to expect, I’ve used this strategy now for two days, and it has already improved my usual traffic by more than two times from the same amount of work. It’s easy, simple, and only takes an additional 10-15 minutes for each piece of content you create. If you’re not using Traffic Geyser, it’s the best video promotion tool that exists on the internet, and I highly recommend it. By using Traffic Geyser, you’ll be putting your video marketing on steroids (even without my strategy I mention here).

Unfortunately, most people won’t stick with this strategy. They’ll attempt it one time and get frustrated and stop.By using this technique for everything you create, you’ll be increasing the traffic from your content by ten times.

Just keep it up, and you’ll get results.