This Chiropractic Marketing Tip Is Almost Too Easy

If this doesn’t get you excited, nothing will.

And, frankly, I probably shouldn’t even be telling you this
because it DOESN’T even require the Chiropractic Dashboard
to work like crazy.

In fact, you can start benefitting from this powerful
chiropractic patient attraction tip immediately after you
finish this email.

Excited yet?


Just hang tight, you will be. Trust me.

First, a question…

Have you ever stained a deck?

Yeah… a deck… a wooden one… have you ever stained one?


Well, me neither.

I was absent the day the Big Guy upstairs handed out “handy
man” skills.

Anyway, when I lived in New Jersey I had this really nice
cedar and Trex deck installed overlooking my backyard of
about a 1/4 acre.

It kind of had this mid-western feel to it… really nice.

If you’re not familiar with Trex, it’s sort of like a tough
plastic that doesn’t require any maintenance, and is
sometimes used as decking.

Perfect for a ‘home repair challenged’ guy like myself.

The only maintenance it did require was an annual
application of the cedar stain on the cedar.

Of course, I had to call our handy man in each year to do it
for me, but nevertheless, it got done.

I think we paid him around $400 or so to restain all of the
cedar which was fine by me and good for him.

What amazed me, though, was that every year when it was
to have the deck restained again, if I didn’t call the
handyman to come back he would never call me.

And, because of that, there were many years where I didn’t
end up calling the handyman back for well over a year and a
half, if not more.

What the heck does my deck and lack of maintenance skills
have to do with your chiropractic practice?

A heck of a lot!

Here’s why:

Most of your patients are just like me.

No… not bad with tools… but… busy.

Sometimes so busy, running around with tons on their
personal To Do list that their chiropractic care falls by
the wayside.

In some cases, it falls by the wayside for so long that they
either forget about it altogether or, more likely, they
become uncomfortable calling your office to schedule a new
appointment, embarassed that it’s been so long.

What happens then?

They don’t call and don’t come back for care with you.

And, the typical chiropractic office chalks them up as a
former patient… a lost patient.

Meanwhile, they’re not lost.

They’re just what we would call INACTIVE.

And, until you do something proactive to REACTIVATE them,
they’re going to stay inactive.

The good news is that statistics show over 50% of your
inactive patients would become active again in your office
if you simply contacted them about getting started again.

That’s 5 out of 10 inactive patients you’re currently not
seeing right now, that would come back in to your office and
start-up their care program again with you, if you simply
contacted them.

Contact them, how?

Doesn’t matter.

Postcard, letter, staff call, email, online video, audio

The key is just letting them know you’re concerned about
them, not angry or upset with them, and would love to get
them back on the right track again.

And, if you can contact them more than once, for the ones
who don’t respond to your initial contact, even better.

Most of the time 3 properly writtern contacts to a list of
10 inactive patients will turn into 4 to 6 reactivated
patients for you.


Now, because of the automation and ease that comes with
email, and online audio and video, I’m personally partial to
using the Internet to reactivate patients.

But, again, you don’t have to use the Internet.

However, with something online like the Chiropractic
Dashboard you don’t have to worry about sending out letters
or postcards or whether your staff is making the calls to
your inactive patients at the correct time or not.

Online, with something like the Chiropractic Dashboard, you
can have the 3 contacts being done for you, with email,
audio, and video, all on total autopilot without you ever
having to think about it.

You can experience it yourself by clicking on the link at the
bottom of this article.

Regardless, though, remember…

Don’t lose patients and cash flow just because they haven’t
been into your office in a while.

Even if it’s been months, it’s important to recognize, with
some simple contacts executed at the correct time you could
start bringing back half of your inactive patients.

Think of the financial impact that would have on your
practice and lifestyle.


Sidebar: I wonder how much money our former handyman is
losing ever year by not contacting former customers about
having their decks restained.


With some simple contacts he could probably reclaim most of

You too, in your practice.