Thinking Positive About Experiences of Life

Losing loved ones

Loss of a parent, son, daughter, brother, or sister can be a very traumatic experience.

Whereas, the loss of an aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, cousin, or friend, can be less emotionally disturbing, because they are not as directly involved with you.

But the core feelings are the same, the sadness, the question ‘why’ and the mourning, because you are going to miss seeing, talking to and touching the person that you knew so well.

The adversity of the loss of loved ones, especially if it is from an illness or an accident, is very difficult to deal with.

When a loved one dies, it always seems to be an unexpected event in our minds, even if they were ill and in hospital.

The circumstances, under which they die, will after a short time, abate and the full impact of the depth of loss will takeover.

It is a dramatic change in our lives and sometimes it can take a long time for us to come to terms with it.

Our reaction can be to blame ourselves, to feel that we did not do enough. A feeling of despair, helplessness and depression are common symptoms.

It is often said that it is harder for the ones that are left behind to cope with the reality of the loss.

The ability to transform adversity into a challenge or opportunity is one of the traits that are a virtue of mankind.

Time is a great healer and soon the sadness recedes to allow the good, positive happy memories of the person to ‘shine’ in your mind.

Yes, there will be tears and mixed emotions because of those memories, but as each day goes by you will more and more ‘see’ your loved one and start to move on in your own life again.

After all, it would have been what they would have wanted you to do anyway.

The only way, to show them how much you loved and respected them, is to achieve in your life, what they had always hoped for you.

Financial hardship

When you have money, life presents you with many challenges and opportunities, but when you don’t have enough money in your life, there doesn’t seem to be many opportunities and the challenges seem to be much too big.

Not having enough money for the basics of life, food, clothes and somewhere to live creates a set of pressures that can be too much for the human mind to endure.

The reason for the financial hardship may come about in several different ways, loss of your job, breakdown of a marriage, sudden illness or perhaps the death of the provider in the family.

Whichever way, it means that you now have to find a way of being creative with the little money that you have.

It is difficult to be positive when you are in this situation and the pressure causes you to feel depressed and helpless.

Everything seems to be against you and the bills are piling up, with no way of them being paid.

In our lives, adversity presents itself in many different forms, the lack of money being one, which in itself creates a series of obstacles and setbacks.

The only way to overcome this form of adversity is to consolidate and rebuild your life, back to where you were or even more successful.

Instead of trying to combat the symptoms of the lack of money, it is much better to confront the cause of the lack of money.

Being unemployed, recovering from sickness, not being able to work, because you have to look after the family alone, all of these are causes of being without money.

Let us look at how money moves through our lives. Someone gives it to you for whatever reason, you then give it to someone else, to buy something or pay a bill and that person gives it to someone else for what they require in their lives.

So, as humans, we are like the big post office for money. The money is not important, but the person who is going to give it to you is and it is only a matter of identifying or convincing that person to give it to you sooner rather than later.

It sounds simple and it can be, first make a list of where all of the people who could give you the money would be. Employer, bank, government, insurance company etc. Now make a list of all the things you could offer them for the money, your capabilities, talents, time, effort or securities etc.

Now you have something tangible to work with, start matching the things you can offer to the places money could come from, and then create a prioritisation list of who you will be contacting.

Once you are inspired the ideas start to flow and the positive adrenalin begins to create a motivation to transform your life, from financial hardship to success and prosperity.

It will not happen over night, but it will happen, how long it will take will be determined by your imagination and enthusiasm.

Being without money does not last forever; it is just one of the experiences of life.

Falling in love

Maybe you are saying to yourself, ‘how can falling in love be an adversity?’

Don’t forget we are talking about the experiences of life and falling in love is one of them.

I think all of us will agree, that it does not matter what age you are, when you fall in love, there can be obstacles or barriers, sometimes even mountains, in the way of you being with the person, who has just become so important in your life.

This is called adversity; you have to evaluate the opportunities, determine what the challenges are and become focused on your objective.

The person that fills your heart with such desire may be in another town across the other side of the country, or in another country across the other side of the world, or even, heaven forbid, in love with someone else.

Either way, it has now become the purpose of your life, to be with that person and you will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

You have made up your mind that you will move mountains, if necessary, in order to be with the one you love. Nothing is going to stand in your way.

What is this mysterious emotion called love?
For the love of another person, we will be more inspired, have a sense of never ending motivation and achieve more in our lives than we had ever thought was possible.

Is love so powerful, what does happen to us when we fall in love?

Love is the strongest of all human desires and we become totally obsessed with this very powerful desire. It controls our thoughts in a way that no other emotion can.

Love is a fundamental part of our being; we could not exist without it. It is as primitive as our beginnings and is an integral part of our instincts.

Without love our world would be a very sad place, no positive direction or purpose and a feeling of emptiness.

Love gives us the hope to go on, under circumstances that can be almost unbearable. Love puts us back in control of our lives.