Thinking Alike or Not Thinking?

It sure is easy when everyone agrees with you and tells you what you want to hear. But sometimes what we want to hear is not what we NEED to hear. This is when you need a dose of conflict or opposition or a contrarian.

Unless you and all of your ideas are absolutely perfect 100% of the time, it is unusual for everyone to agree with you. If they do, is it because they are afraid to tell you what they really think? Are they apathetic? Or have you surrounded yourself with ‘Yes People’ who are too much like you?

It is good to have a voice in the crowd that is different than the voice of the crowd. Push yourself to seek out the thoughts and opinions of people who don’t think like you and don’t agree with you. Form relationships with people who you just don’t understand or who look at you and just don’t get you. It does not mean you are going to become like them or they like you, it means you will be pushed to see things in a whole new light. If you choose someone who is not your target client and they love something you are doing, does that mean it is really good or that you are off base? If the person who is not your target client absolutely hates something you are doing, does that mean your target client will love it? It is definitely excellent food for thought!

At first this can be difficult. After all for many of you it is much more comfortable to surround yourself with agreeable people. And by agreeable too often you mean people who do not rock the boat, do not put up resistance or do not question your ideas. When your ideas are good and solid, they can stand up to resistance and opposition. In fact that is one of the best ways to really think an idea through, ask people to shoot holes in it, before you act on the idea.

It may not always be fun but it is definitely important. The ideas and feedback you receive from people who are your opposite just might give you some of the most valuable insight you will ever receive.