Think it, believe it and realise it

You can control your future! Using the amazing power of visualization and belief, you can create your destiny.
This article will give you the insight into how people think their way to to better life

Well I’m here to tell you, that you can. In this article I want to tell you how to form the outcome that you wish.

This technique is called a Well-Formed Outcome in the world of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

One of the best examples that I can tell you about forming a desired outcome is this Muhammad Ali the world’s greatest ever boxer used something which he liked to call ‘Future History’. Days before he stepped into the ring he would picture himself at the end of the fight, with his arm being held aloft by the referee, proclaiming him the champion. He would visualize this with utter commitment and belief. He would hear the crowds cheering, feel the heat of the lights and know that he would be the winner. All of his mental energy would be directed to make it happen. He would never think about the start, just the end he didn’t care how it started as long as the outcome was what he had pictured. From that time until the end of the fight his subconscious would be constantly looking out for things that would make this outcome come true. His subconscious had been programmed with no other belief other than that of him being the winner.

Think about how you would like something to end. It might be your day, your week, your month or something more specific like an evening out, or a meeting at work. For example maybe at the end of your working day, would you like to be coming through the front door, being greeted by your loved one with a happy smile and feeling relaxed or would you like to be sitting down on Sunday night thinking about what a fantastic weekend you’d just had? Whatever you wish to happen, by using the power of visualization and belief you can make it happen.

Here’s another example. I always have a well-formed outcome when I go shopping in the car. Where I live in Tunbridge Wells in the UK. Shpping in my town at the weekend is always very, very busy and packed with people all jostling to find a parking space. Before I start my journey, I picture a parking space just for me. I see the space on the tarmac and see myself driving into it. At times I even choose what colour car will be next to ‘my parking’ space. My passengers think I’m just lucky, I know I have planned the outcome.

Here’s another example that springs to mind. Many years ago I used to work in advertising and one day I was working with a new client. It was work I hadn’t done before and I felt somewhat nervous. Before the first day had ended I pictured myself at the end of the week standing around a table presenting the work. I pictured three people there with me, all of them congratulating me on my work. I could see their faces and hear the words of appraisal and could sense how I would feel, hear the noises around me and know that this would happen. (The same way Ali would do before a fight remember.) That Friday afternoon I was called to go and present my work to the board. I walked upstairs with my work under my arm, knowing with confidence that they would love it. Within 30 minutes the three board members were all standing around the table, telling me how pleased they were with my work. I smiled like an idiot because as you now know…this was exactly as I had planned it.

So the key ingredients for your well-formed outcome are:

1. Think what outcome you want
2. Have total belief*
3. See the outcome in as much detail as possible
4. See yourself in the picture
5. Feel what you would feel
6. Stand as you would stand
7. Breathe as you would breathe
8. Truly focus on what you want.

*If you have trouble with the belief as some people do. Try this: – Think of something that you believe about yourself to be totally true. Something that when you say it, you say it with complete conviction. It might be you’re an amazing cook, or a great driver, or a great friend… it doesn’t matter what it is; what matters is that you have total belief in what you are saying. Now when you have this, say it out loud. As you say it, think about how you feel. Think about what your body is doing. How are you breathing, is it deep, or shallow? How are you holding your shoulders, your head. Are you looking up, or looking to the side? Study everything about your body when you are saying your statement about yourself. This is your belief strategy. I will talk about strategies in the next guide. For now what I want you to learn is that when you wish for a desired outcome. State your desired outcome with all the same movements, breathing, passion and conviction as you do when you say that truth about yourself. For example, you know the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, this is fact, and you cannot doubt it. Think about what you feel when you say something that is fact! Again have that total conviction that your desired outcome will happen. Say to yourself “This day/week/month/weekend etc will be amazing…fact!”

Keep trying until you get it. Belief is everything. Play with this, try the parking spaces and see what happens.

See it, believe it, and never doubt it.

Have fun and start to plan and see what you want. Make plans for your life, your family, and your business whatever you wish.

Make the rest of your life the best of your life.