Think About Success

Your mind is not just a wonderful thing it is also a very powerful thing.
Your mind will absorb everything you say, do or see like a sponge and retains it forever.
Oh now you may not be able to recall everything you put into your mind, but its there.
The reason this is sometimes not a great thing for your mind to do is that your mind does
not discriminate between the good information you are putting into it or the bad information
that you are putting into.  Your mind takes it all in.
Your mind will take everything in, store it, and then it will dwell on it if you allow your
mind to do so if you do not stay in control of your thoughts.
That is the great news! You can control your thoughts and you must control your thoughts if
you are to control your life.
When you hear something or see something enough times you will soon start to believe it and
once this takes place you will start acting on that belief.  This is called the Law of Dominate
That is why it is so very important to control your thoughts each day.  You only want to dwell
on the positive and constructive thoughts.  These are the thoughts that you want to have at the
front of your conscious mind.
Just as your favorite song that you hear over and over again that is soon stuck in your head and
you find yourself humming it or even singing it, so too you must take in thoughts of success, read
motivational books and articles to put your mind in a thinking about success state.
You also need to listen to motivational and inspiring tapes or cd’s and spend time every day around
positive people and soon you will find yourself constantly and consistently thinking about success.
As the late great Earl Nightingale said, “you are what you think about all day long.” So you have to
think you might as well be thinking about success.