Things You Should Know For Your Greece Vacation

Millions of people visit Greece every year. If you are planning a Greece vacation, here is some information that will help plan your trip.

The peak season for tourists coming to Greece is between June and September. This means that getting a plane ticket especially from the US is very expensive especially during weekends. You can save money by comparing the rates of the various airlines and see if there are any special offers. Another option will be to take charters as these are much cheaper than regular flights.

Greece has 15 international airports. If you have made reservations to stay in one of the Greek islands, you will have transfer from the international airport to the local airport. The only way to do that is to land in Athens.

You should know that Greece is apart of the European Union so their currency is now the Euro not the Drachmas. You better convert your dollars once you get there because there are some places that do not have ATM machines or banks.

There is a possibility that you could get robbed while on vacation so instead of carrying cash, bring along some traveler’s cheques because it is useless should someone get it. If you need to change this to cash, go to a ticket agency.

Greece is a big place and the different sights are scattered all over the 2000 islands. This means that you won’t be able to see all of them by riding a bus or driving a car. There are times that you will have to travel by boat which shouldn’t be a problem since you can join a group or charter a shipping company.

There are different types of lodging arrangements in Greece. You can stay in a luxury hotel, in a villa, in a campsite, caravan or in a room near the village or port. This makes it ideal for anyone to enjoy their time here regardless of how much they have in their wallets.

You can also try staying in a boat because there are charter companies that will allow you to rent a yacht for several days.

Most of the local speak English so you won’t have a hard time communicating with them. If you want to speak in their dialect, do some research online so you know some basic words like “how much?” and “thank you.”

The local transport system in Greece is excellent. You can rent a car the minute you land from the airport, travel around the island by taxi or go with the group in a bus. If you want to explore things on your own, you can even rent a bike.

Greece is a great place to visit any time of the year. You can come in during the lean or the peak months so it depends on your schedule. You can come here alone or with your family and friends. With the different attractions both on land and at sea, no one will ever get bored.

Now that you know have vital information about a possible Greece vacation in the coming months, you won’t have a hard time planning your itinerary. All you have to do is make the travel arrangements by yourself or through your travel agent.