Things you should know for using any power tool

Power tools make our work easier and also help work fast. While working with this we have to be concern about safety, safety must be the first consideration. High speed blade rotation of the tools, the presence of electricity and sheer power of these tools makes them dangerous. So you have to be careful while operating and working with a power tool. Here some tips for you to make your experience of working with power tools pleasures.

Protection for Eyes and Ears : Using power tools may create amorous pressure on eyes and ears. Take protection for them is the basic safety measure. Wear safety glasses and earplugs are for the safety of eyes and ears respectively. Dust, splinters, dirt, and other debris can enter the eye and cause untold amounts of damage. Safety glasses prevent these from getting into the eyes. It also generates a lot of noise and in a cloistered environment like a workshop it may sound louder. Wear ear plugs for the safety of your ears.

Choose the Right Tool for Your Job : Use the proper tool for the job. It is important to avoid injury both to the user and the materials. Never try to cut materials with a saw or saw blade that was not designed for it. Read the manual thoroughly that is provided with the tool.

Check the Tool before Using It : Check over your tools for damage before using them. Simple damages can cause great accidents.

Use safe guards : Use the safety guards that are provided with your tools. For example, to prevent shavings from spitting back up some power drills have guards. If you do not use the safety guards, the drill can hit your face when you use the drill in reverse to withdraw the drill bit.

Apply the Correct Method of Using Tools : every tool has its own method of using. Apply those methods while using a power tool. Also take care of the following method,

  • Never use the cord of a power tool to carry them.
  • Disconnect the tools that are not used
  • Keep your fingers away from the on/off switch while handling a tool connected to a power source

Wear the Right Cloths: Before starting to work with a power tool, take care of your cloth. Avoid loose cloths and make sure that your cloths cover your entire body. Use heavy gloves to avoid sharp implements and splinters from hurting the hands. Also use masks, steel toed work boots and hard hates. If your hair is long, tie it before starting to work.

Workshop Safety: Follow the following basic requirements for maximum safety in your workshop.

  • The floor of the workroom should be flat and level to avoid any tripping or sliding.
  • The work station should be specious enough to allow easy movements without knocking into another tool or another worker.
  • Equip your work shop with good lighting and plenty of ventilation and plenty of ventilation. It will make breathing easier when all the dust starts flying.