Things to Know About Takeaway Insurance

Takeaway insurance is designed to cover risks that are associated with such businesses. This policy covers all classes of takeaway establishments such as restaurants, fast food shops, pizza and burger parlours, fish and chip shops, kebab shops, sandwich bars and others.

Takeaway businesses are vulnerable to multiple risks, such as property damage, food contamination, customer or employee injury, unexpected business interruption and loss or damage to goods in transit. You never know when an unforeseen incident can happen at your takeaway. Therefore, be sensible to purchase this insurance.

Things covered under take away insurance
Typically, takeaway insurance covers several areas. You need, however, to customize it to your specific business needs.

Product liability: Product liability covers your business against claims made by customers, in case they fall sick after consuming food supplied by your takeaway.

Public liability: Safety of your customers who visit your takeaway premises is very important. If your customer is severely injured at your premises, due to you or your staffÂ’s negligence, then he is liable to sue you for damages. During this situation, public liability covers against claims made by the customer who has suffered injury.

Employers’ liability: Your employee needs to use tools such as deep fat fryers and other cooking equipment. In the event of injury or death of employee, you are likely to be dragged to the court of law. Employers’ liability will cover your business against claims for the injury or death made by the employee or his spouse, relations or legal heirs.

Property insurance: It covers your building against events like natural calamities such as flood, hurricanes, etc. This policy will provide coverage for your business against financial losses caused by physical damages to the building where your business is housed in.

Liquor liability: If you sell or serve liquor at your takeaway business, it is very important to have liquor liability coverage. If a customer gets drunk at your premises and injures himself or someone else or damages others property, the damage cost is covered under this policy.

Contents coverage: It offers coverage for the contents of your takeaway business. The contents include frying ranges, microwaves, freezers, cash registers, computers, and cooking appliances. These are covered in this policy against loss or damage caused due to fire, malicious destruction by third parties, flood, and theft or equipment breakdown.

Vehicle used in transit of inventory: While your takeaway goods are in transit form one place to another, there are chances of theft, loss, damage caused by accidents, damage during transit or food lost in transit. The above things are covered in goods in transit policy.

Research well to find a reputed brokerage agency. Get a coverage that is optimal to your business.