Things to Consider While Selecting a Barcode Printer

Barcode Automation systems enhance business productivity. These systems have successfully helped many small businesses, as well as large transportation, logistics and manufacturing companies increase productivity and performance. The barcode printer is one of the most important components of a barcode automation system. The following are some parameters that should be carefully considered when choosing the right barcode printer for your business.

Identify your core requirements:
There is a wide range of barcode printers meant to support many different requirements. It is important to identify your core requirements. This helps in choosing the right barcode printer for your needs.
– Duty Cycle
– Environment
– Label Requirements
– Connectivity
– Total Cost of Ownership

Duty Cycle
Duty Cycle is the volume and frequency of label output that will be required by the barcode printer. If your business requires 24/7 barcode label output you will need to invest in an industrial barcode printer. If your business is printing less than 500 labels per day, you may only need a desktop barcode printer.

Where the barcode printer is located and the environment surrounding the printer are equally important to determine the best fit for your application. Even with a low Duty Cycle, your business may require an “industrial barcode printer” if it is located in a dirty, dusty warehouse.

Label Requirements
Label size and material (synthetic labels or paper labels) my also be a factor when determining the right barcode printer for your business. Labels that are less than 0.25” tall require an industrial printer, regardless of duty cycle. Similarly, some synthetic materials may also require an industrial barcode printer with all metal gears and parts due to the heat requirements to transfer the image to the barcode label.

It is very important to know how and where you need to connect your barcode printer. Do you need wireless capabilities? Do you need mobility or a Bluetooth connection?

Total Cost of Ownership
In order to make the best possible decision regarding your new barcode printer, you must also take into account the total cost of ownership. How reliable is the printer or the brand of the barcode printer? How often will it need routine maintenance? Is it mission critical to your business and should you have a back up printer or a maintenance agreement that provides a replacement unit when needing repair. How much are the supplies?

Considering the above parameters carefully while selecting the barcode printer will help you make a smart decision.