Things to Consider before Implementing an ERP in Your Organization

The concept of ERP is not new to the economic world. It is an extremely intricate and complex process to implement a new ERP package in your organization. Implementation is the most important phase for a business owner in case of ERP because ‘proper implementation’ determines the healthy well being of the organization afterwards. Many points need to be taken under consideration before implementing an ERP.

‘Goal’ is the keyword for all. Before implementing an ERP, it is very important for you to know your business goals. You should choose an ERP system which perfectly meets your desired objectives and purposes. These goals should be for performance, response time and down time.

Planning is another important factor which cannot be overlooked. It is extremely unwise to venture for an ERP project that has access to nearly entire organization without any proper planning. A proper plan should be drafted first, and then different processes must be carried out with involvement from concerned departments. Moreover, test your plan before implementing ERP and evaluate it critically. You need to ensure that you possess in-house skills in order to make a smooth sailing implementation. It is wise to chart down all the choices and features that are to be used. The art of implementing ERP comes with experience and skills. In case if your organization lacks this expertise, then you must seek help from some trustworthy and well experienced ERP expert who enjoy a good reputation in your domain.

You need to evaluate your organizational objectives and requirements. Before the purchase of the package, you must define your business objectives and analyze how the chosen suite would facilitate your business applications. Moreover, assess capability and strength of IT staff in your organization. Ensure their compatibility with the ERP environment that you have decided upon. You should project the cost benefit analysis as well. Be sensible and practical when you project the costs. Also consider the training costs that would be made to train your staff. It is something many organizations and companies fail to consider beforehand.

Take into consideration whether to host for your ERP or not. If you want to host a model for your ERP, you must closely study the application service provider. Since you have to share your data, the ASP should be trustworthy. Check their customer profile, global support base as well as the financial credentials. It is advisable to know beforehand if they would modify the ERP package you have chosen according to your needs or they would provide you the cookie cutter solution. You will not need to take care of your ERP in case if you use an outsourcer, provided that the cookie cutter solution is fine with you. Also, see whether the ASP that you have chosen is attuned to the extent and scale of your business. Therefore, choose the right ASP which has the right specifications you need for your business. To achieve this, you must be aware of exactly what application requirements you need.

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