Things to consider before hiring Nanny

Your house is one of the most valuable possessions for you. Most probable, you would not hope just anybody to look after your home or its stuffing. If you are taking into account hiring a nanny, there are many checks and significant details to take into account before you start the process.

The Nanny you are considering needs to have admirable references. Try to get three references at the minimum. Make sure that you are able to get in touch with these references either personally or by telephone. For extra self-possession, make sure that the Nanny is able to show you some proof of a clean criminal record. Reputable house keeper and Nanny would not be affronted by these checks, but would understand that they are part of the house sitting requirements.

Once you have determined on your Nanny, negotiations could begin. The house keeper should be fully attentive of your terms and conditions that are apply. You should completely give details to her what the job involves. You might have some house and garden preservation concerned, or some child care needs. You must as well make the house keeper aware of any visitors, which might call at the house while you are unavailable.

The next thing to be considered is the payment. You might have previously paid an agency a payment, and that would be the only payment you pay. However, if you have not decided on a fee, then you need to discuss it with the house keeper. The house keeper or nanny is living rent free in your house, and this is considered as the fee. However, many deem extra duties, such as child care or garden maintenance, to be a fee based service.

There are many people who take care of house for free. Retired people who believe the job as part holiday occasionally work for free or for a small fee. Before you leave, confirm you have made sufficient insurance provisions. The house keeper or nanny might have his or her own house keeping insurance in case of any issues. Also, remember to get phone numbers to allow you to contact the house keeper and vice versa. Stay in regular in touch with the house keeper while you are away. This would give both parties extra composure.