Things to be Considered While Buying an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces became one of the popular room heating appliances because of their advantages over traditional wood and gas based fireplaces. Since they neither require a house with a chimney nor need a pre-installed fireplace, they are considered as best heating equipment for apartments and homes with modern furniture. They are safe, easy to use; flexible to shift to any place and above all they are budget-friendly. If you are planning to buy one for the coming winter, consider the following things.

Location of installation: Though electric fireplaces can be shifted from one place to another, it is better to select a location where you want to install it – a common sit out for all the family members or a corner in your personal room.

Style of the room: Electric fireplaces are available in wide range of designs and models. It can be a room with a classic look or a room well furnished with all modern interiors, you can definitely get an electric fireplace that perfectly matches with your indoor furnishing. For instance, for a room with traditional interior, cast iron or wood stove look fireplaces are best suited; for rustic interior, open box fireplaces in black or oak colors look decent.

Heat output (BTU): Before buying an electric fireplace it is essential to check its heating capacity which is denoted in BTU’s. For larger rooms, it is essential to get a fireplace with higher BTU which has the capacity to warm up a larger area faster. Similarly, for smaller rooms it is enough to have a lower BTU fireplace. In general, an electric fireplace with a heating element output of around 5,000 BTUs is ideal for homes.

Thermostat and fan options: Electric fireplaces come with built in electronic thermostat which controls heating output of the fireplace. Some of them also come with heat settings, which assist us in controlling heat in the room. Controlling the heat output helps us conserve energy and saves electricity costs.

Real flame design: The natural look of the burning wood is really an amazing thing to have in our rooms. There is no need to get a wood-burning fireplace to experience this. Many electric fireplaces these days are designed to look natural which gives us the impression of burning wood. Some models also come with ember settings.

Adjustable heat settings: Electric fireplaces provide a unique advantage over other fireplaces – they provide the flexibility of adjusting heat emitted from the fireplace. We can either increase or reduce the heat depending upon our requirement. Adjustable heat setting not only provides us required warmth but also gives us greater comfort and control.

Availability of electric outlets: Finally, an important aspect to check before purchasing electric fireplace is the availability of electrical outlet at the desired location in your home. Use only the outlets which are in use or already used. If you are unsure about an outlet or if it is not used from many years, do not use it. Try to plug-in the electric fireplace without using any extension cords to avoid accidental falls.

These are the major things to remember when shopping for an electric fireplace. Also make sure that you are buying it from a reputed dealer who supplies durable products at affordable prices.