Things To Be Considered When Sharing A Nanny

We all know that nanny-sharing is one of the most affordable ways to receive childcare services. A nanny share is a situation where two or more families receive the childcare services from a single nanny, usually on a part-time basis. You need to be cautious when sharing a nanny, as you need to deal with another family as well as the nanny. This article provides you with some of the important things to consider for a nanny share.

Childcare needs of other family:
When you are planning to share the services of a nanny with another family, it is essential to look for families that have childcare needs similar to yours. Of course, you need to make sure that they are also willing to share the nanny services. Any differences in the childcare needs may affect the effectiveness of the nanny services.

Age of children:
Age of the other family’s children is also an important consideration. A nanny share is ideal when the children involved are similar in age. A nanny that is good with infants may not have the same skills when caring for a toddler. A nanny share is most suitable for children at or above three years of age.

Compatibility of childcare philosophy of both parties:
Find out and compare your childcare philosophy with that of the other family. A nanny share works well when the childcare philosophies of both parties are similar. Things such as nutritional preferences, television watching, outdoor activities, and sleeping schedules should be compatible with respect to both the families. Differences in these simple matters may cause conflict.

Working schedule:
A well planned working schedule should be arranged to ascertain the best childcare services for the children of both families. Issues like flexibility in occasional overtime childcare, extra working hours at the beginning or end of the day, etc. for any of the families have to be discussed with the other party and the nanny as well, in advance, to avoid any conflict.

Payment and benefits of nanny:
Salary details and other benefits to be provided to the nanny are very important things to consider while sharing a nanny. Both the families should equally share the nanny’s salary and payroll taxes. This not only ensures reasonable payment to the nanny for her services but also incorporates your savings. Also, any paid vacation days and sick days should be considered and discussed by both families and the nanny. You should also consider how to address backup childcare services when the nanny is sick or on vacation.

Length of share agreement:
The tenure of the nanny share agreement should be clear between both the parties and the nanny. Some people tend to end the deal abruptly for either important or trivial reasons, which is not fair.

Remember to keep in mind the above major considerations when planning to share a nanny. This ensures a peaceful and reliable care for your children.