Thicker Duvets for Winter

Christmas has almost arrived and now the trees are almost completely bare. There is also the weather and the temperature to worry about. For hotels and bed and breakfasts this can mean that not only do they have to turn the heating up a notch or two, but they may also invest in some heavier duvets. This is especially true if many of your guests are from older generations who tend to feel the cold more.


We’re all well aware that duvets come in a range of different tog values and the higher the tog, the better insulation it provides. The average tog value is 10 to 10.5, and though this is suitable for all year round; it may fall a little short when the temperatures fall to notable lows.

No matter how good the heating system in your hotel is, people tend to be fairly particular when it comes to their preferred sleeping temperature, especially in wintertime. A higher tog duvet can really help if people still feel quite chilly in their room. Changing duvets for winter is something that should be taken into account from December and businesses should remain open minded towards heavier togs until the temperatures rise again in February or so. As those living in Britain know, the unpredictable weather means that even March can be quite cold.


There are a number of different materials that these duvets and their fillings are made from; however for simplicity let’s split them up into manmade, mixed and natural.

The choice of duvet depends on a number of factors, but we’d say for a lot of people price is the largest and most significant consideration. Manmade fabrics such as polyester and others offer high tog values for a low price; however they do lack the breathability of other fabrics. This means that although they insulate well, they also don’t allow as much breathability and guests can be more prone to a close, uncomfortable sleep.

Natural materials such as feathers, down and natural spun silk also provide great insulation, and better again they offer better levels of breathability than the manmade equivalent. Breathability is almost as important as insulation when it comes to choosing a duvet. However, they are more expensive and this level of expense can vary significantly depending on the natural fibre chosen.

Mixed Materials:

Mixed materials offer a half-way point between the manmade and the natural and can provide increased insulation and moderately good breathability and air flow for less.

The addition of a mattress topper is also something that should be considered. These increase the comfort of the bed and make for a better night’s rest. This can be something that sets your bed apart from other hotel’s beds during the period and can really allow you to shine even when the sun isn’t.

Comfort is one of the most important things during the winter period and our tips can help you offer your guests something a little above the ordinary.