These Are The Reasons Why I Don’t Promote Efusjon

Should You Join The Efusjon Energy Club?

Well, that’s entirely up to you, and it’s a question no one can answer for you – especially in this short article. You need to look at the facts, evaluate the opportunity, and make a BUSINESS DECISION based off of what is best for your family.

Rather than telling you what to do, let me share with you why I’m not involved with this opportunity:

Reason #1: The nature of the Efusjon comp plan creates hyped out statements:

One of the most prominent, outright lies that are spread by MLM leaders in all sorts of companies is that ‘you’ll be successful if you just get five, who get five, who get five…’. The amount of people who claim you can ‘make it’ in Efusjon by getting 3 people is completely ludicrous. Look, the community overlap is cool – but it doesn’t replace recruiting personally and training your team. There might be a few lucky distributors in Efusjon – but do you want to build your future based off of how lucky you are?

My second reason for not joining Efusjon is that I simply think that they don’t have a solid, stand alone product (they are NOT the first MLM to launch a healthy energy drink).

In fact, I’ve ran into AT LEAST 3 companies that started selling healthy energy drinks in the MLM profession. In fact, Amway does over $100 million a year selling their brand of energy drinks, and they’ve been doing it since 2003. Do you want to be a direct competitor with one of the largest companies in the industry with your main product? Not the smartest idea – Efusjon needs to come up with an original product idea. I prefer the taste of Amway’s brand over Efusjon’s, also.

The final reason is that there is only ONE REASON people are joining Efusjon, and it’s because of the compensation plan.

The number one problem with MLM is that people get involved with the wrong intentions – such as placing the importance of a comp plan above the importance of a product.

Am I the only person in the world that sees an issue with selling a product just to make money – without providing any real value? Here’s what you need to ask yourself before you join Efusjon:

“If I wasn’t promoting Efusjon – would I purchase $120 per month of their energy drinks? Or would I pass?”

If the answer is ‘No Way’, then don’t promote it, period. I can make a lot of money selling almost anything I want because a lot of people trust my judgment – so should I make a bunch of money at the expense of the marketplace? This is applicable to ALL MLM companies, not just Efusjon.

Look, if you truly LOVE the products and would spend $120 on a monthly Auto-Ship without earning a dime, AND YOU’RE BEING HONEST, more power to you.

Final thoughts on Efusjon:

If this article made you angry – just prove me wrong and succeed at Efusjon for the right reasons.

Finally, if you are already an Efusjon rep, it is my hope that this review might help you understand some of those ‘crazy prospects’ who just don’t see it. After all, most people are still telling you no – am I right? I want you to simply understand my reasons for not becoming involved with this business, and why it may matter to some of your prospects to do their research before they sign the dotted line.