There is One Secret to Internet Marketing!

Many internet business owners are forever searching for the “Holy Grail” of Internet marketing. Instead of taking massive action and getting things done, the sit back and patiently wait to take action until they know the “secret” to Internet marketing.

There are all kinds of great techniques that you could be using and applying. I’m sure that there are hundreds of fantastic products out there to teach you how to market better online. You should never stop learning. The instant you stop learning, you start stagnating.

You’ll quickly see that many of techniques that the “gurus” teach may actually disagree with each other. This is simply because there is only one true judge and jury of what “works” in marketing… testing and results!

Without testing, you’re flying blind, and you’ll never know what is and isn’t working for you.

There is one “secret” of Internet marketing that you can get every single successful marketer to agree on.

If you sit back and do nothing, you will get nothing!

Successful Internet entrepreneurs are always doing something. If you sit back on the sidelines, and just watch what’s going on, you’ll never win the game.

Start doing something – anything… even if it fails!

You have to really “practice” Internet marketing.

Set up a mirror page on your site or some other tracking mechanism and place a classified ad in an ezine. If it doesn’t work out the way you wanted, place a different ad in another ezine. If it does work, then keep running and add on more ezines to your advertising campaign.

If you want to write better ads for your products, then find some of the best sales letters and start copying them by hand. Then, practice your own letters.

Nobody seems to remember that some of the most successful companies expect that only one out of every seven products they create will be a success worth continuing.

Claude Hopkins, one of the greatest marketing minds to ever live, recorded this in his book “Scientific Advertising:”

“There are many surprises in advertising. A project you will laugh at may make a great success. A project you are sure of may fall down. All because tastes differ so. None of us know enough peoples desires to get an average viewpoint.”

The first site you create might not be that profitable. If you are smart and stay in contact with the right people, you will learn something from it. Your next web site may be the success you are looking for.

The reason you may not be making money right now could be that you have the wrong product or are targeting the wrong market. If you can’t explain to me in one paragraph exactly who your targeted market is, then you aren’t ready to have success on your site.

Test some different products. Test some different advertising methods. Test some different ads. Only testing can tell you what will or will not work online or offline.

The key is to keep your testing small so that it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Test some of the PPC engines. Purchase a 10,000 banner ad campaign.

Set up a small budget of say $50 – $100 every month just for testing (more experienced marketers have a much higher budget for testing).

Never spend any money on advertising where it will put you out of business. It should be as small and risk-free as possible at all times.

No money? Start out trying free traffic techinques.

There are skads of them that you can use as well. Still, never spend more time on any advertising technique than you can afford to lose.

Time is money and as you become more and more successful in this business, it is the time that you run out of first.

The Secret to Internet marketing is to “Do Something.”

Even if it doesn’t work out exactly as you planned, keep doing it or add in other elements and aspects to your business.

The second “hidden” Internet marketing secret is a lot like the first. It’s “Don’t give up!”