There are people in more trouble than you

Last week I was not able to sleep very well one night so I was just surfing the TV channels and then I came accross a movie channel where they were showing a movie The Pianist.It is a very famous movie (Accademy award for Best Director) about a Jew Pianist in Poland , about what he faced in the period of world war and that to just because he was Jew. My wife told me not to see such movies at night because i would have lost sleep for whole night. But I told her that we must thank god that we were not at that place.We must see such movies to know what people have faced and how they tried to overcome those things.We will come to know the price of life which we are living right now , we will come to know the price of Freedom.
There are few occassions when we are sad, we worry a lot. But at that time we must remember that there are (and were)people who are/were in deep sorrow than us.We should not give a sigh of relief after thinking that but we should motivate ourselves to come out of the trouble.We should think the ways in which we can help ourselves as well as people.
To conclude I would like to give example of current electricity crises due to increased demand at this portion of year in our state.
In some part of our state [other than Mumbai the city where I live (also called as Bombay)] there is load shading(electricity goes off) for 4 hours a day.People think that they are in deep trouble.Indeed they are in deep trouble but they should also think that there are other parts of the state in which there is power shading for 11 to 12 hours.Think what they must be suffering.Electricity is essential thing and we must try our best to come out of this problem.As the production is not in our hands, what we can do is…. use it like very expensive thing and by not wasting it.There are many suggestions given by the electricity board like not using pumps,heaters,AC etc. in the evening when there is very high demand for electricity and there are some other measures also.If the people who have less loadshading comply with these things then, the load shading in other areas will reduced with these areas too.So the question is about understanding each other.They don’t have electricity but atleast they are getting water.There are many parts in the world where people have to dig the water from ground.We must salute to those people.So the key is to be greater than a problem and never let the problem get bigger.
Guys this is my very first blog in my life and if I am wrong somewhere please suggest me corrections.