Therapists – Educate Your Clients!

Most people understand that they should see a general practitioner and a dentist on a regular basis. However, many think that visiting a therapist is an unusual or questionable activity. Thankfully, not all people feel this way, but a lot of people are sceptical, have questions or are completely baffled about what you do, and its benefits for them. This mentality means that it is all the more necessary for alternative therapists such as yourself to teach potential and existing clients about the therapy options that are available.

The Need to Educate Clients

A good way to help sceptical people is to educate them about the type of therapy that you offer. Dental visits and a physical with a general practitioner are things that most people understand. However, when a new client visits a therapist for the first time, the consultation, examination and treatment is usually very different than anything they have done before.

Many people are hesitant to participate in something that they don’t understand. This is especially true when it involves their health and their body. It’s even more accurate when you talk about the health of their loved ones. This is why you should give them information and take away some of the mystery that surrounds alternative and complementary therapy.

The idea of fixing a health problem with drugs is commonplace for many people. We all know that modern medicine and especially the drug companies have trained people to believe that most problems can be solved if they take the right medicine. The statistics for prescription and over the counter medication sales prove that their education is working. Now is the time for you to help educate the public about the benefits of alternative medicine.

One of the wonders of alternative medicine is that there are very few side effects. How often have you seen a commercial for a prescription drug and the list of side effects is worse than the problem that prompted the need for the medicine? That is not an issue with therapy; indeed, many alternative therapies can provide additional benefits for the client.

There are many ways to educate your clients and potential clients. Here are some of the possibilities:
• Conduct workshops and classes
• Write articles for your newsletter, website or blog
• Write articles for local newspapers or magazines
• Join a networking group.

Workshops to Educate Clients

Workshops and classes offer the opportunity to speak with a group of people who are interested in your therapy. This is a chance to answer their questions and to give them additional information. Take this chance to educate them in the ways that you can help them. Explain the benefits that you offer them. How can you make their life or the lives of their loved ones better?

It is also important to explain how your therapy works, although that is secondary to explaining the benefits for them. It’s great to have a satisfied client or two at your workshops. These clients can give their personal story of the ways you improved their life through your therapy. These testimonials are very powerful.

Educate Clients With Informational Articles

Another way to educate potential clients is through article writing. This can be done through handouts, flyers, brochures, your website, your blog, free article websites, newspaper or magazines. Once you write the article, use it in as many of these places as possible. Find places that will reach the people who want and need your services, and send your articles to them.

If you don’t feel qualified to write the articles, you can hire someone to write for you. Sometimes you can find a freelance writer locally, through a local college or through one of the freelance websites on the internet. It’s important that you screen them carefully before hiring. It’s also important that you share the message that you want the article to convey. Your knowledge and experience need to be presented in the article and it is great when the writer can capture your enthusiasm in the articles. Your personality should come through in any article that has your name on it.

Educate Your Networking Group

Joining a networking group, such as a business breakfast group or a ‘wellbeing circle’, is another great way to educate the public. Even if the group consists of complementary health practitioners, many of them may not know exactly what you do, and how you do it. So talking to them at meetings and via chat forums is key to spreading the word and building up their confidence in you. They will then be more likely to refer clients to you.

Remember – who’s more qualified than you to talk about you and your practice?