The Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death Plague Tips On How To Fix This Problem

Ever since the Xbox 360 was released in the market, people have started buying it. Besides, with a gaming console that is able to offer state of the art graphics and the ability to play online, who wouldn’t want to buy it?

Anyway, although Xbox 360 does offer one of the best video gaming experiences today, there are some problems that have been associated with this gaming console. One problem lies with the red light around the power button. Commonly known as the red ring of death, Xbox 360 gamers have been complaining about this problem ever since Xbox 360 was released in the market.

The red ring of death translates to general hardware failure. What this means is that you need to ship the Xbox 360 to Microsoft to get it repaired by their professional technicians. Because the red ring of death have become common among gamers of Xbox 360, Microsoft even offered an extended warranty where they will repair any problems with the Xbox 360 for free including the red ring of death.

However, who would want to ship their Xbox 360 and wait for a very long time to get it repaired? Now, what if there are ways where you can prevent the red ring of death from happening to your Xbox 360 and there are also ways where you will be able to fix it yourself?

For sure, you would want to know about these things in order for you to continue on playing with your favorite Xbox 360 games.

To prevent the red ring of death from happening to your Xbox 360, you have to remember that the general cause of this problem is overheating. In most cases, you will see people playing with their Xbox 360 games with their gaming console stored inside a display cabinet. Although it does look neater and prettier, it will prevent air from entering and exiting the gaming console, which causes it to overheat.

The towel method where it claims to fix this problem actually aggravates it. You have to remember that wrapping your Xbox 360 with a towel will mean that you are actually blocking the holes that let air in and out of the gaming console. This will cause excessive heat inside the system which can cause it to overheat and damage the hardware inside, especially the GPU chip.

By placing your Xbox 360 in a well-ventilated or if possible, an air condition room, you will be able to prevent it from overheating. The wires may look messy but working and messy is better than neat and broken.

However, if you do experience the red ring of death, then you may want to try out some of the repair methods available out there. Today, you will see that the internet provides tons of information regarding how to repair the red ring of death. As much as possible, always go for the repair instructions that have video included.

This will really help you on the step by step repair of your Xbox 360 and you will be sure that you will be able to repair it as safe and as fast as possible. Using basic hand tools, you will be able to repair the red ring of death.