The writer’s choice, the language of English Essay!

Passion is the key element of motivation for writers. In its absence everything will be written in vain. For whoever could disregard the creativity of the soul when emotions felt therein were made to let go by the satisfaction one feels with the mere touch of his pen. Even with the evolution of technology and the convenience of a computer, writers would still want to do the traditional way of writing, losing self to the smooth gliding of his pen forming words to sentences integrating grammar composition with idiomatic expressions. The language of English essay is the language of passion.
How do you make an interesting English essay? First things first, determine target audience age and characteristics. Meeting the expectations and level of understanding of your predicted readers is very important for the English essay’s total impact on creating lasting impressions. The body must therefore give significant words construction moving on to a good mile’s reflections of the selected topic. The theme of the essay and the flow or arrangement of the writer’s ideas must give relevant referrals to research and current issues. Writing is all about connections: connections of ideas and connections of emotions even faith. The clarity of the write up making an impression done by expressions through English essay creativity concludes a well organized, focus and a clear marked introduction which emphasizes the writer’s thesis or main point.
English essay writing requires the writers to explain, interpret, analyze research materials and present them in the simple English language modern version of writing discourse measuring the student’s writing skills within the context of the passages. The choice of words materially dressed up the essay to make it pleasant, functional, and definitely not a stereotype bore. The sentences must be in agreement with each other for continuity and coordination. The presence of an active voice signifies the writers response wholly supported by a logical argument and appropriate evidence. The keyword for the essay is sense: talk with sense.
Mastery on the processes and principles involved in presenting your ideas logically and expressing them effectively requires reading, concentration, and interest. Interest means total captivation of the mind and body working in coordination to produce the kind of language and writing output the writer plans to project. An English essay may be written in many forms and in multiple character presentation. What are important are the interest and the use of the English language to express its meaning. English essays may be made seriously or humorously from any perspective that will serve the writer’s purpose.
Always remember essays are not supposed to replace library researches. They are considered as opinion and expression of a certain topic. Inclusion of essays as reference materials reflects similarity of the researcher and the writer’s opinion and thoughts on a certain event or phenomenon. In the creation of English essays, the writer must make sure that the elements of style and choice of words are clear and logical. English essays grammar and composition seems to excel in literary and scholarly works in various fields of art and sciences making it the writer’s choice.