The Worst Baby Development Stage Myth… Revealed!

So often one hears…

“My child skipped a baby development stage. She definitely develops fast! She’s definitely gifted and will surely do well in years to come.”

Every parent likes to believe their child is gifted and look for any sign to confirm their belief.

There is always excitement in a fast developing baby.

But is this observation true? Is it a clear cut sign of above average talent?

What you’re hearing is probably based on the worst baby development myth parents believe.

The truth is rather…

Skipping one or more of the baby development stages… or frequently also known as milestones, is definitely no clear-cut sign of superior development.

Few parents realize that the goal is not to speed up their baby’s development. It is definitely best for your baby if she properly masters all the milestones and development skills.

Realize that normal baby development is universal and follows the same natural pattern throughout the world.

Every baby follows this same development pattern. And milestones apply to all healthy babies.

That means a baby developing “normally” should master every development milestone within a very specific age range, regardless of where in the world she lives.

And despite what parents like to believe, their baby does not have an unique set of development rules which may explain a faster or unique development pattern.

Few parents realize that each of the development milestones teaches infants particular skills necessary for further progress.

Babies must therefore master all the learning skills for a particular age for best development.

There is very little if anything to be gained by skipping or neglecting any of the vital development experiences.

Many child learning problems happen because parents have specifically neglected certain learning experiences in the hope of fast tracking their child’s development.

There’s one more very important thing about mastering the baby development stages.

Reaching a milestone isn’t just about going through the motionsÂ… doing the right things.

Your baby also needs to do it right.

There is a certain quality part necessary to properly master any milestone.

The full learning experience is only gained by properly mastering the skills.

Parents may often say their baby is sitting. But that does not necessarily mean the baby is sitting correctly.

Their baby may in fact be sittingÂ… but only if holding onto another object or if somehow being supported.

The reality is rather that the baby is not able to free her hands to play with a toy or even move her hands from side to side to discover the surroundings.

All important development skills have thus not yet been properly mastered. More stimulation and encouragement is still needed.

What is then the best way parents can overcome the worst baby development stage myth?

Babies gain most when they not only master all skills associated with the different development milestones, but also do it right.

The best any parent can do for their baby is ensuring she does all the things babies do, do them right… and have fun doing so.