The Wonder of Water—7 Reasons Why You Just Gotta Drink It For Those Who Don’t

It’s Fall, the weather is cooler, and I’ve been thinking about water. Not just about the azure pools of bathtub-warm seas I might like to visit come winter but the recommended amount of water I should be consuming. I’m not keeping up. How about you? The “why” may be easy. We are not hot, we are indoors more, we’re simply not as thirsty. So what’s the big deal? Why put another thing on our to do list? Regardless of the season sufficient hydration is a must. Here are 7 reasons to get those 8 glasses in per day.

1. Every aspect of wellness depends at least in part on proper hydration. Healthy skin, respiration, perspiration-which is a process of elimination of toxins-joint lubrication and metabolism.

2. Water supports the kidneys to move the by-products of metabolism out of the body. Low on liquid means the liver must pick up the slack and hey, no one wants to do someone else’s job. Seriously this means the liver can’t get through its own to-do list which includes fat metabolism. We don’t want that task to get tossed!

3. Not enough water in your body and your blood has a harder time circulating which can result in a headache as less oxygen get delivered to the necessary places like your brain.

4. Sluggish digestion is improved with plenty of water-and fiber- but fiber can’t be all that it can be-a powerful aid to elimination- without enough water in your system.

5. Caffeine, alcohol, diet drinks, (and some medications) are diuretics. You should balance each Appletini, cup o’ Joe, and diet soda with one 8 ounce glass of H2O.

6. Water can aid in weight loss. You know the water-before-a-meal-fills-you-up drill. But take a look at this: A study reported in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism in 2003 tested men and women for increased metabolic rate after water consumption. Each pint of cold water consumed produced enough of an increase to burn about 25 calories. Do the math and you may be inspired to tote that water bottle. 7. The mucous lining in our noses, sinus passages, and lungs are all susceptible to irritability when we are dehydrated ‘cause they dry out. Hello. What specifically can happen is nose bleeds, increased allergic response to allergens, and sinusitis.

Does drinking 8 glasses of water seem a form of torture to you? Add some fresh lemon or lime. Splash in some orange, grapefruit or other juice you enjoy. Sports drinks, “wet foods” like soup, fruit, and salad will also add to your daily quota. Worried that you’ll be running to the john all day? Don’t worry, that will last only long enough for your body to get used to the increase. If you are the type that does not get enough water on a regular basis your body could be storing water in places you don’t want it like hips, ankles, stomach. Hydrate like a champ and your body will adapt to having this healthy elixir on a regular basis. Sorry but if you think you can schedule bathroom breaks like coffee or cigarette breaks-when it’s convenient for you- you are going to have to change your thinking. Your body knows best. The only time it makes sense to limit consumption is within 2 hours of bedtime unless you don’t mind a midnight stroll. How to remember to get in our quota? Let’s start with a little math. If one is awake for 16 hours, give or take a hot flash, and the goal is 8 glasses minimum in that time then one has to drink one glass at least every two hours. Post-Its around the work space help, writing “drink water” in the planner, and why not use the reminder in your email program? It may be a long way to a dip in the Caribbean but I’m feeling better already about the dry cold days to come.