The Voice of Semar

Children of Semar:

Emerge out of the cocoon of closed-mindedness, Be receptive to truths, even if they hurt.

Reform your character before demanding the reformation of others, For the perfection of the world begins with thyself.

Beliefs and blind faith are a drawback to spiritual progress, They bind one to superstition, fear and ignorance.

Acquire the understanding that divine revelation is a continuous process, For humanity is ever-evolving and is ever in need of higher education.

Fanaticism is a devilish expression and has to be eradicated, For it begets separatism, inharmony, and violence among men.

Transcend racial, tribal, and sectarian attitudes, Nothing causes so much strife and suffering as separatism.

Know that human laws must reflect Cosmic laws if they are to be helpful, Man-made laws without divine sanction may restrict the workings of justice.

Understand that the highest civilization is not dependent upon external technology, It is dependent more upon spiritual unfoldment and the awakening of divine potentials.

Be not hesitant to do away with traditions and customs should you be aware of their negative content, It is in purifying the dross in anything and in everything that the treasure may be revealed.

Do not mistreat Nature with your arrogant expressions, Be kind to her, and she will be kind to you.

Know that egocentrism has always been the core and cause of humanity’s problems, It is the same with you, what would you do?

Why give your personal power away by letting others do the thinking for you? Learn how to think, be not afraid to think for yourself.

Learn how to take charge of, and be responsible for yourselves; Letting others do the work for you causes your own stagnation in the mire.

Seek God and your divine heritage, not for any worldly or heavenly benefits, But because it is destined and right for every being to do so.

If you profess being a follower of any religion, then apply the moral and spiritual precepts; Vain beliefs and faith without the application of spiritual principles makes you nothing but a hypocrite.

It is impossible to grow in any way if you are stuck in your mortal-mindedness; In essence you are divine, immortal, with all the powers of a god; therefore, remove thoughts of mental limitations.

One of your problems is self-centeredness. How will you evolve without self-forgetfulness, selflessness, and self-sacrifice?

Psychics and paranormals may mislead you. Truth does not dwell in the world of psychicism.

Why do you curse and verbally attack others? Garbage from your mouth will only darken your light.

Why pay attention to gossip, why attend to celebrities? More important work awaits your attention.

Why do you constantly think of the opposite sex in such lustful ways? There is no rest for the mind troubled by excessive sexual thoughts.

Why do you express your sexuality in such animalistic ways? Sex should only be the expression of true love, affection and tenderness.

Why believe yourself to be a dweller of an island, a nation, a planet? God has given you and all beings the whole universe to live in.

You are alive with divine gifts and yet you use them not; Why then complain of your apparent lack of abundance?

Why feel inferior or superior to others? In essence you are all children of the Light with the same divine-potentials.

Why do you express your lower side in art, music, and culture? The decline of civilization results from the predominance of negative expressions of the psyche.

Why fill your minds with trash issued from magazines, commercials, movies and gossips? You will constantly think of the things you fill your minds with, and the things you think of you will become.

Why be too opinionated when opinions seldom reflect truth? For if they were truths, they would not be called opinions.

How can you call yourselves civilized when your way of thinking is still primitive? Though it be reason that distinguishes a man from a beast, it is compassion and love that distinguishes a civilized man from a primitive one.

Where is your love and compassion, children of Semar? Why express the dark side when it is so much easier expressing light?

Why quibble over doctrines and dogmas, they simply cause you to go astray; Everyone is your brother and sister no matter what their beliefs.

The greatest solution to a problem satisfies all parties involved, A poor solution only satisfies the person who makes it.

Why have you no respect for life? Animals and trees are your brothers just as the person next to you.

Why be sensitive to the harsh words of men when you should be listening to the sweet voice of the Spirit?
Your attention should be directed inwards and not brooding upon external voices–the insults or criticisms of others.

Why do you fight fire with fire, for such is immature; How long more will you remain in the valley and not rise to the mountain peak?

Why act as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner yourselves? Have you no faith that Cosmic laws will deal justly to those that transgresses her?

Why do you complain of situations and circumstances when it is you that helped to create them? The world that you experience is simply a reflection of your thoughts, attitudes, feelings, and beliefs.

Why are your devotional prayers so mechanical, so robotic? Have you no real love and yearning for the Almighty?

No matter what your beliefs you think them to be true; If they are beliefs and not experiential knowledge how can they be true?

When will you awaken to Reality, to Truth, to the Presence of the Almighty? Enchanted with carnal matters have drugged you into spiritual slumber.

You seek spiritual guidance for the sake of your own welfare. When will you seek guidance for the sake of your fellow men?

You treat others as infidels, as unbelievers, as outcasts; Know ye that separative thoughts are spawned by the devil.

God gives freely, Nature gives abundantly; And yet, you claim their gifts as your own and will not benefit others.

You believe in your nation’s future greatness as proclaimed by messengers, And yet, if nothing is done to manifest this greatness, it but remains in the air.

Why do you wait for a savior? Why do you waste time waiting for a Goddess of Justice? Manifest the savior in your hearts; be the hands and mouthpiece of the Goddess.

Your hatreds, anger, violence, and egoism have polluted the subtle worlds; These rebound back to you and cause your catastrophes and disasters.

How long will you remain in darkness? No one can pull you out of it except yourselves.

Why do you hesitate to forgive your brother? Are you so perfect that you are without sin?

You believe it impossible to be perfect so that you will not need to strive for it; Yet strive for perfection for it is your destiny to outgrow the human condition.

Purify your thoughts, for thoughts are creative and manifests themselves in this world; Negative thoughts affect people negatively, positive thoughts affect people positively.

The violence in your mind creates the violence in this world; Therefore cause your mind to be tranquil, that the world may reflect such a state.

You are beautiful and yet you will not express your beauty; You are unique and yet you suppress your uniqueness.

Why do you carry your ego with you? So long as your ego exist, you will not be saved from the tortures of “hell.”

There is not much time left for you; A world-cycle is coming to a close.

Will you continue to accumulate possessions and lose your soul? All that prevents or hinders your spiritual progress is evil at work.

Will you ascend to heaven alone without having compassion for your brothers? Stay where you are and help others to ascend likewise.

Are you a coward that you will not teach and be responsible for others? You are your brother’s keeper, when will you realize that?

How will your nation be a spiritual light of the world, when you will not be spiritual? The transformation of an organism begins at the cellular level.

Being religious or psychic is not the same as being spiritual; Being spiritual entails radiating the highest light in the lowest darkness.

Why do you blame others and God for your troubles? It is you that is the primary cause, others simply act out your script.

Take the best qualities of both East and West and make them your own; Take the worst qualities of both East and West and eradicate them from your being.

Why are you a slave to your carnal desires and appetites? They are the source of your pain and suffering.

Why are you arrogant, are you omniscient? Do not force your beliefs upon another, for blind you may be leading the blind.

Copyright © 2006 Luxamore