The Value of Creativity – Part 3

Part 3 of 3

The Interpersonal Value of Creativity

Think about the person you love most. What is one thing you find most appealing about that person?

Most people would say, “their sense of humor,” “they make me laugh,” “they’re really funny.”

Even people who don’t think of themselves as funny, are drawn to people they think are funny. People who would describe themselves as having “no sense of humor” still reach out for humor in their lives.

There is a reason that standup comics are so popular in our society.

Sitcoms aren’t all over the airwaves because they make good drama.

Humor is important in our lives.

And creativity is inherent in humor.

What makes a joke funny is often the juxtaposition of two things that are totally unrelated, but when they come together in the joke, they seem absolutely to go together.

Creativity is the root of humor.

Creativity is what makes us laugh at a joke, or at a funny picture.

Creativity is just imagination made visible.

The Survival Value of Creativity

All of this goes together to form what I think of as the “survival value” of creativity.

By survival value, I mean those skills, talents and personality traits that make it possible for us to live in this world, as it is, without completely giving up during the roughest times.

You see, we have the power of creativity and imagination. Even during the toughest times, we can imagine that things will get better. We can remember that things have been better. And we can create a better situation through our actions and reactions.

Creativity is absolutely essential to surviving the world we live in. I couldn’t get by without it, and I wouldn’t try. Most of the people I know who see themselves as creative feel exactly the same way about their creativity; they see it as an essential part of their being.

And To Sum It All Up…

What I hope you’ve gained from this series is an appreciation of how important something as (sometimes) seemingly trivial as creativity can be, how intertwined it is with your life, and how much you rely on creativity on a daily basis.

I hope you’ve smiled a little through this series of articles, and that you’ve enjoyed them. I hope you’ve thought, and still think, that I’m a creative person, and that I’m funny. I hope you feel this has been a useful way to spend your time.

But I want to say this before we part. Yes, I try to be funny. Yes, I think of myself as creative. But I have had some harrowing experiences in my life. Harrowing to me, at any rate. I’ve had some difficult times. And creativity has pulled me through. I don’t just think creativity and humor are essential to our survival. I know it from experience.