The Use of Videos and Humor

Most people watch videos because they would like to be entertained and relaxed especially after a day filled with stress. Humorous videos are used mainly for the purpose of getting rid of stress in order to make a full recovery. Funny videos, especially the good ones, help you get a good laugh. Laughing, aside from its relaxing properties, has also been found to have healing properties. Haven’t you noticed that the mortality of people who love to laugh is longer compared to people who cannot even smile? It is because laughter releases substances that are beneficial to the body.

Not all humorous videos are truly funny. There are different types of humor, ranging from the mild, shallow humor, the green, toilet humor, to the ones that actually hurt people because it is a video designed to degrade a certain person while using humor to mask it all up. There is also the slapstick humor and the innocent one that is most commonly seen with kids.

There are some videos done in bad humor just to be able to degrade the reputation of a certain individual. They are satiric, particularly trying to make fun of how he acts, talks, moves, and the videos imitate and make fun of the person in an exaggerated manner to give attention to its objectives. There are also some videos that take a look at the lighter side of things in order to help the mind relax and see another point of view.

It is quite hard to get a video that is really going to tickle your funny bone since humor depends on the person concerned. It may be that when that certain situation arose for a specific person, it struck him as funny and opted to make a video about it. But for another person, it had a negative effect, thus not promoting the video became an option.

What is the purpose of putting humor into these videos? Why do funny videos dominate the computer screen and websites? Why do funny videos sell more than others? Humor is actually a frame of mind that causes people to laugh. It may be as simple as sneezing while drinking water, making the water spread to all directions. It may be an innocently said answer to a pertinent question. But whatever the situation, if it makes people laugh, it is funny, sometimes even to the expense of other people. For business minded people, they know that humor sells. This is why they keep on promoting this kind of videos and supporting its production.

It is not easy to make people laugh, especially the cynical ones. They tend to find fault with it and pick it apart that it will lose its humorous quality. A lot of stand up comedians have been booed for producing humor bordering on foul. People tend to laugh at other’s mistakes but as soon as they are the ones being laughed at, they get angry. This is why for a video to be truly funny, it should be something spontaneous, something that usually happens to most of the population, and something that they can easily relate with and thus see the aspect that makes it funny. This is what a video should capture: the innocence and spontaneity of the situation that makes it amusing and sometimes even nostalgic.