The Universe and Us

Copyright 2006 Robert Ryles

It seems as if my main focus of attention, or more to the point writing at the moment is on inspirational books I have read. Well here goes again, I am not afraid to say. I have just spent virtually every spare minute of the last bank holiday weekend, in between beautiful times with my three wonderful kids at car boot sales, devouring a book called ‘A Happy Pocket Full Of Money’.

This is not an advert or a promotion. Iit is just something I wish to share. If you are ready for it, a life changing experience is about to blast into your consciousness. Just another self improvement same old same old I thought. I have probably never been more wrong in my life. Mr Gikandi has written something of epic and I mean epic quality. I believe strongly that everyone has a different point of readiness for things. However ready or not this may find someone whom it hits smack between the eyes.

The point of this story is that we spend so much of our time worrying and thinking about how we are going to get from point A to point B. We think we have it all planned out, totally logically, step by step and then The Universe takes us on some seemingly pointless wild goose chase in order to lead us to what it is we have been holding in our minds. It may not be what we think we want but it will be what we have been thinking about most of the time.

We humans are the suppliers of what we all need. We all need different things at different times in our lives. If we just begin to do what it is we think we should do and hold clearly a picture of what is our goal we will be guided to the correct people, information, places and circumstances to get us there.

I have recently paid a rather large chunk of money for something and as well as receiving what I thought I needed I have been lead to something of infinitely more value. Never in a million lifetimes could you have predicted the sequence of events that lead me to this other information.

How exciting is that. I hope it is for you too. If not do not worry. We are all on our own journey together (huh?). Just from this one piece of work I can see almost a lifetime of learning unfolding before my very eyes.

I have spent much of my working life as a Physical Therapist guiding people through physical challenges. People rarely know what to do to begin their journey of recovery. However having started and begun the journey you very often end up being The Guide rather than The Teacher, as people begin to learn themselves what the next step is. This carries on and becomes a wonderful journey of self discovery for anyone willing to see the positive side of negative feedback mechanisms.

We are also constantly reminded that the body and mind are inextricably linked. A healthy body and a healthy mind go together. The correct thoughts make all the difference and I really do mean all in achievement of a specific goal.

So what is all this about, if anything. Well to summarise it is just to underline the fact that we are all capable of achieving anything we set our minds on and that we are best letting The Universe sort it out by thinking only of the end result and not of the journey.