The truth behind arrogance

Arrogance is a subconscious defense mechanism
Tom was really interested in catching the attention of cool guys and girls in school so that they could later consider him to be one of them. Tom tried every method he knows to impress them but they never noticed him!!

Tom started to feel bad because of believing that those “Cool people” are ignoring him by intention. Tom’s Ego was hurting him and he was eagerly searching of a way to feel important once again after the ones he was interested in ignored him.

Just like the millions Tom decided, on the unconscious level of course, to be arrogant!!

Why are some people Arrogant
Tom’s mind found that being arrogant could be a solution that can make him feel important once again and can heal his wounded ego but he faced a big problem, How can he become arrogant while people are already ignoring him? How can he claim that he is better than those who aren’t interested in him?

Actually Tom didn’t practice his arrogance on those people but instead he picked the ones he regarded to be less worthy than him and then treated them with arrogance!!

Tom started to use labels like losers, geeks and incompetent in order to describe categories of people who appear to be less important than him.

The truth about arrogance
Arrogant people are those who failed to get respected by others who are important to them and so they found no solution other than to get it by force from those who appear to be less important to them.

Arrogant people focus on those who appear to be less worthy then them then treat them badly to gain some of the self worth they lost when they were ignored by those whom they perceived to be more worthy than them.