The Truth About Skydiving

With skydiving being one of those popular pastimes that are also seen as dangerous and even life-threatening, there are those who would want to know more of it, while other want none of it. The facts can become skewed with a multitude of urban legends and fearful superstitions fueled by statistics that go along the lines of “unbelievable” and “plain awful”. Such facts need to be straightened out for those who do have interest in skydiving, whether one-time or lingering.

Can you freefall even when you’ve got a condition?

One of the misconceptions is that skydiving is out of the question when one suffers a health disorder. This is not always true as it depends with the said disorder. To verify such details, have a physician check you and sign a medical form if you are deemed fit to skydive, despite your health maladies. As long as it either does not interfere with the activity or is kept under control, then it is definitely fine to take the plunge.

Must you be so young to skydive?

Other things are also worried about when it comes to skydiving. Youth as a requirement is also another misconception in skydiving. One must take note that most skydivers are around or below the age of 40, while being at least 18. There have been numerous senior citizens who have done it, so it means that you can do it as well as any other person can. There shouldn’t be any problem with your health in skydiving.

Will skydiving eat up my savings?

Expense is also something that keeps people away from wanting to skydive. The equipment, aircraft, and personnel required for a jump definitely does cost a bit, so expenses are a big factor in one’s desire to take up skydiving. This one is somewhat a valid point for those who stay away from skydiving, but there are ways to avert this.

Some people do it in interesting ways, such as jumping in charity events and such. This does take away the expense part of the equation as it is about getting enough people to support the charity, letting them pay for both your jump and for the charity itself.

Are you ok with jumping out of a plane just to land later?

The dangers of skydiving have been greatly exaggerated. Yes, it does seem dangerous to jump out of a perfectly good airplane in an attempt to land safely on the ground by having some big piece of cloth slow your descent. That surely doesn’t sound like a kindergarten concept that anyone can get into, really.

Statistically safer compared to vehicular accidents

Despite these things, skydiving is not as dangerous as first thought. Statistically speaking, it has been found out that skydiving is safer than taking public transport. As unbelievable as this sounds, there is reason behind this apparent madness. Safety has become more and more accessible with the advents of modern technology, enabling a skydiver to deploy his parachute even when upside down, which was impossible back in the past. This is just one of the ways in which technology and human ingenuity meet to solve problems and improve things.

Skydiving is a great sport that celebrates the full experience of life itself. The thrill and excitement gives people a rush unlike anything else imaginable. And now, it is also safer than ever before, which is nice to know.