The Truth About Singing Auditions

If you want a career in pop music or stage performance then you are going to have to audition. Most singing auditions are on a small stage and modelling auditions are usually in a small room also. The first round of singing auditions is more than reminiscent of American Idol, and the tiny bit that we saw of the dancing auditions felt straight out of “So You Think You Can Dance” show.

If you’ve watched the early singing auditions for some of these shows,you might well have wondered whether you could do a whole lot better.It is amusing to see all these singing auditions on TV, but make sure you also notice how much stress and pressure is involved.

There are many resources that will offer to help you find singing auditions in your local area and there are many internet resources to help beginners find singing auditions.

But just like how churning the ocean can also lead to a lethal pot of poison turning up, singing auditions can also inadvertently shine a glaring spotlight upon the malodorous dregs of society who walk this planet secure in the misguided belief that their singing talents lie somewhere between excellent and divine.

You can’t be successful on talent alone, so when you go to singing auditions, you must know what to be prepared for.You should know all facets of singing auditions from gauging your skills and preparing your songs, to handling the audition itself and also what to sing in any given situation, and how to sing it.

One common pitfall that is frequently seen from most auditions, that seemed to make almost everyone nervous is: what the song is about, what show or singer it is from , who is the original singer of the song, all the words of the whole song and not just the 16 bars that have been chosen,and how to work with a background singer at singing auditions.

At the singing auditions the judges are looking for potential and enthusiasm as much as experience and a “‘finished product’.

You will likely be judged on the following criteria: -Tonal Quality: Does the voice sound focused, clear, open, warm and mature,Presentations:How you present yourself to the judges and Singing style and uniqueness.

In other words, singing auditions are held in order to choose the vocalists who will be presenting the “individual flowers encompassing the garland of songs that is the show”.