The truth about self deception

Self deception
In my previous articles i explained how some people deceive themselves because of not being able to face certain truths. I also mentioned how some people who failed to reach their life goals or to make friends find themselves excuses such as “the goal was not that important” or that “there is no time to make friends because of work”.

I also explained how this form of self deception turns into depression over time as the subconscious mind discovers the lie and objects by sending depressive moods.

Sometimes self deception is done so neatly to the extent that the person really believes the lie and even collects clues that proves his lie true!!

Self deception experiment
A research was done to determine whether people lie to themselves or not. People were asked to put their hands in very cold water and the number of seconds they managed to keep their hands in water was recorded.

People were divided into two groups and the experiment was repeated two more times but in the second time some participants were told that the ability to keep their hands under the water for long times is related to the strength of their hearts and the quality of their overall health while in the third time the other group was told the exact opposite (sustaining cold is a sign of a weak heart and poor health).

The group that were told that keeping their hands in water reflects better health and stronger heart managed to keep their hands in the cold water for a longer period than the group that were told the opposite!!

What’s really funny is that the second group really claimed that they couldn’t stand the coldness of the water!! Not only had those people lied to themselves to prove that they have stronger hearts but they also found an excuse and believed in it.

Are you deceiving yourself
It takes a lot of courage to answer this question. Some people might even reply to it confidently saying that they can never deceive themselves while in fact they are only trying to cover their big lie.

Are you happy with your job? Or is it a lie?
Are you really busy? Or is it just an excuse to cover up the fact that you have poor time management skills?
Do you really have no other options or are you deceiving yourself to escape from responsibility?
Do you really like to work for long hours or is it just an excuse to cover the fact that you don’t have friends to hang out with?

Contrary to common beliefs happiness can’t be found but it’s earned after you solve the problems that are bothering you. Self deception is not a solution to the problems you face but it’s just a method that buries these problems deep into your subconscious mind without solving them and that’s why people who deceive themselves never become truly happy.

If you are deceiving yourself then its time to be brave enough and to face the lies you created.