The truth about positive thinking

How to think positively
I am sure you have tried many times to think positively yet found that negativity is taking over your mind once again. When it comes to positive thinking, lots of people mistakenly believe that all they have to do to become positive thinkers is to repeat positive ideas then wait for the magic to happen but since the human mind and life are much more complex than this, most of them end disappointed.

Positive thinking is not just the process of feeding your mind with positive thoughts but it’s a negotiation between 2 parts of your brain, the negative part and the positive part, just like any negotiation the side that has much more logical and convincing clues is the one that will win the negotiation. In this article I will explain how you can think positively by convincing your mind to believe in the positive thoughts you are repeating.

Why positive thinking don’t work for many people
Pushing a positive statement to your mind is the same exactly as trying to convince your mind to believe into the statement you just pushed. Overcoming the opposing beliefs is one of the most important factors in convincing someone to believe in something.

Lets suppose that only 10 minutes were left before the meeting begins and you still had to get dressed up and drive a long distance, will repeating a positive statement such as “I will arrive on time” work? Of course it won’t because its against your current beliefs and the logical rules of life.

This is also the same reason why affirmations never work! Trying to convince your mind to believe that you are confident in the morning while you fail to approach people at night will certainly prevent your mind from believing you.

I am sure you had a motivating song that used to motivate you whenever you listed to it but one day you listened to it and nothing happened. The reason you weren’t motivated this time is because your belief system at the time of hearing the song had some opposing beliefs to the song’s words.

For example if you felt depressed (which means you have lost hope) listening to all the motivating songs in the world will never help you feel Good simply because you have lots of opposing beliefs to the hopefulness of the songs.

The right way to think positively
Based on all of the previous facts we can come up with the following approach that will help you think positively without doing mistakes that overshadows your positive thinking efforts:

* Don’t challenge the beliefs but use logic to convince your mind: If you are already late then don’t keep telling yourself that you will arrive on time but instead remind yourself of the times you arrived late and nothing bad happened

* Understand the opposing beliefs and challenge them: While repeating the positive suggestion to yourself you will get direct replies from your subconscious mind like “No you can’t do that” or “you never did that before”. Try to examine these negative replies and see if you can provide reassurance to your subconscious mind or opposing arguments .

* Remove the barriers one by one: One of the things you will discover while trying to convince your subconscious mind to believe in a positive thought is that as soon you manage to bypass an opposing belief you will hit another one. According to the psychology of convincing you need to bypass all opposing beliefs one by one in order to successfully convince the other party, so this is pretty normal

* Positive thinking is about convincing mind not fooling yourself: Imagine that your subconscious mind is a friend that needs enough clues in order to be convinced, You can’t just repeat your statements then hope that he believes you but instead you must convince him with Logic and solid facts