The truth about positive affirmations

Do positive affirmations work
According to recent research people who lack self confidence felt worse about themselves when they repeated self confidence affirmations while confident people felt better when they did the same!!

So why do positive affirmations work with some people and never work with others?
Why do positive affirmations sometimes work and at other times they give bad results?

In this article I will give answers to these questions and will tell you the truth about the effectiveness of positive affirmations.

The truth about positive affirmations
Listening to motivating songs can result in motivating you only if you were motivated. Try to listen to a motivating song while you are completely depressed and you will find that it will never work.

The main reason this happens is that unless the external stimulus matches your internal beliefs it won’t have any effect on you. The same goes for affirmations, when you repeat a true statement or a one that is believable by your subconscious mind then it will have a positive effect.

However, if you repeated a statement that is against the beliefs of your subconscious mind it won’t work and it might even bring you the opposite results.

Think of your subconscious mind as a friend of yours who is intelligent enough to realize the times you lie to him. If you told him the truth he will believe you but if you told him anything else he won’t believe it.

When to use positive affirmations
Based on all the previous facts we can conclude that only the affirmations that match your current beliefs will be accepted. If you never felt confident in your life but kept repeating affirmations such as “I am confident” then your subconscious mind will only find your statements ridiculous and nothing will happen.

Positive affirmations will only work when:

* You use them to reinforce an already existing belief: If you felt a little motivated then repeating statements such as I am motivated will surely motivate you

* you don’t say something that your subconscious mind won’t believe: “I am superman” then why can’t you push away those bullies who bother you everyday?