The Truth about Cleansing the Colon

Recently I read an article written by a doctor blasting the idea that cleansing the colon or the body had no real value. His argument was that if there were any toxins in the body, then the body was equipped to remove them without any help by any type of cleanse.

Many doctors think in this fashion and have to awaken to the idea that in order for the body to do its job of removing toxins and fighting off disease it requires eating the right type of nutrition.

It has been clear for decades that most people are not eating the right nutrition and this is seen in the thousands of people dying every year from diseases cause of toxins or free radicals. What toxins do in the body is cause inflammation. Most disease or ill conditions such as cardiovascular, hemorrhoids, cancer, liver damage, kidney damage, diabetes, cataract, on, and on, are a result of toxins and free radicals.

When the body is overwhelmed with toxins, the immune system is not able to keep up with the damage that they do. The body needs a little help here. So are you going to step up to do a colon cleanse, a blood cleanses, a kidney cleanses or a liver cleanse? Or, are you going to believe someone that tells you your body can take care of itself and with cleansing. Yet this same person may freely want to pump you up with drugs.

Without a body cleanses or a colon cleanse, yearly, you will probably create diseases that will later call for you to take drugs. This is the path most people are taking right now.

Most of these cleanses you might do call for following a certain diet for four to seven days. These cleanse call for drinking and eating fruits and vegetables and their juices. They call for using specific herbal teas and for supplementing with specific nutrients. They call for all the different kinds of food and supplements that will neutralize and remove toxins through the normal channels elimination.

In the case of a colon cleanse, the body is flooded with water and juices to flush out toxins and nutrients to re-establish natural balance in the cell function and in the surrounding lymph liquid and blood.

Every day the body needs help to maintain normal function. And, it gets this help when you eat the right food giving it the nutrition it needs. In our time, the nutrition we need is for reducing inflammation caused by toxin and free radicals. With so many un-natural places to eat like McDonald, Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr. and so on, kids get hooked on a diet that leads to disease. Once this happens, parents find it difficult to wean them from this diet.

At one time, the food we ate was free of added chemical, the air was free of pollution, the water was crystal clear, clothes were washed with real soap, and our house was not filled with unknown cleaning solutions. Then our internal bodies were cleaner and didn’t need the frequent cleansing that we now need.

It doesn’t matter what some doctors say about body or colon cleansing. Just common sense tells you that keeping your body clean will keep some disease away. When your body has pain or disease or you feel tired most of the times, you need more than just the food you eat to recover your health. You need to do a colon and blood cleanses to get you back on a healthy track.