The Trump Network – The Next Big Thing?

Let’s skip the introduction to Donald Trump (as I’m sure you’re familiar) and go straight to our discussion of his latest project “The Trump Network.”

So what’s this ‘Trump Network’ I’ve seen advertised all over Google?

The Trump Network is a Multi Level Marketing company (MLM) that specializes in personalized nutritional products, scheduled to officially launch in late 2009. The brand is built around the success of Donald Trump, and as of right now, it is getting quite a lot of ‘buzz’ online. There are flocks of MLM junkies right this moment packing their bags on their current opportunity to RUN to the ‘New Donald Trump Deal.’ Together with 12,000 other pre-launches that came out in 2009, this has proven to be ‘the year of the hype wagon’. I wonder if the Mayans, or Nostradamus knew this would happen.

What products are sold through the Trump Network?

Donald Trump has worked together with a team of well known nutritional scientists to create a new brand of personalized nutrition, weight loss, and mood enhancing formulas. The brilliance of the whole thing is that when all of the fat, unhealthy baby boomers see that all they have to do is join Donald Trump and pay $120 a month to lose weight, feel great, and get rich – that they’ll flock to the new company in droves.

(I was thinking about bringing my bong to the international convention)… Baby boomers love weed, too.

Now there’s a company I would like to create. ‘The Weed Network’. If Obama would legalize pot, then all you’d have to do to get rich is walk outside of any high school, find the kids that hang out by the overpass, and say ‘hey man, if you just find five people who find five people who want to get stoned – you’re going to be one rich dude!’

You’d never run into the ‘Pyramid Scheme’ objection on that one – everyone at the meetings would be to stoned to notice – I could just imagine it…”If you just get five stoners who love weed to love weed even more, and they just get five – not only will it be a sweet party – but we’ll all be rich, man!” I can only hear the audience roaring – only instead of ‘Amen’ they say ‘Far Out!’

Now of course I’m joking (only a little). You see, ever since the advent of the internet, about every 3 months the ‘latest and greatest MLM’ comes out and masses of frustrated Network Marketers flock to join ‘before it’s saturated’. The hope is that The Trump Network, unlike their company that they’re in now, will somehow magically work for them when nothing in the past has.

Why the Trump Network will NEVER make you rich:

I’m going to have about 100 people complain to me about this the second it’s released. I’m going to get comments like ‘The Trump Network is awesome, blah blah blah, you’re just jealous.’

I don’t want you to misunderstand me – The Trump Network is a good company, and a fine one to join. In fact, their product idea is sound and they are probably better funded than the 900 other startups that began in 2009.

What I’m saying is simple. The people who get rich in pre-launches ARE NOT the masses. They’re people who have gigantic databases of distributors from PAST SUCCESS that they built the hard way. You see, when Randy Gage, or any other famous person gets involved in a company when it first launches, they can sponsor swarms of people into their company just by sending out an email and saying:

‘I’m awesome. As you know, I’ve made 40 trillion dollars in the last 30 years helping struggling people make money. Being as awesome as I am, I obviously know way better than the average person how to spot an opportunity of a lifetime. I just joined XYZ company because more people are going to get rich from this than got rich from Microsoft. If you join me right now, you’ll be rich, too – but only if you act in the next 24 hours. You see, because I’m so highly regarded, and as I said, awesome – I can only work with people who aren’t idiots like most people and know how to spot a good opportunity when they see one. Don’t call me unless you’re credit card is in your hand.’


Mr. Rich and Famous Trillionaire

Then, in a buzzing frenzy, hoards of people abandon years of hard work and relationships because they get caught up in ‘the newest and greatest thing’…
…Six months later when they’re still not rich – they bust out their credit card again and make Mr. Trillionaire even richer in a ‘newer, better prelaunch – just like The Trump Network, but better’.

So am I saying that you shouldn’t rush out and join Donald Trump?

No, not at all. What I’m saying is – understand that building The Trump Network is not going to be any easier than building a business in a 5, or 10 year old company, and unless you’ve either got a database of 20,000 people who love and respect you (or you learn how to build one and get to work), you’re not going to make any more money from The Trump Network than what you can do by sticking to ONE COMPANY.

Did you know that according to Dr. Charles King, based on more than 15 years of academic research into the world of Network Marketing PROVES that out of the people who stay actively involved in ONE COMPANY for 10 years or more reach the top of the comp plan and earn six figures a year?

The problem is, we get so hyped up into the ‘newest, most awesome deal’ that we abandon all that we’ve worked so hard to build. Network Marketing is a PROFESSION and it needs to be treated professionally to produce six and seven figure results.

Look, I’m not bashing on The Trump Network, or any other MLM leader out there. What I’m saying is simple – if you want to get rich in MLM, focus more attention on learning how to market your business professionally than you do looking for the newest deal to solve your problems.

Quite frankly, learning how to build quality business relationships that can last through company failures, people quitting, earthquakes, wars, and depressions is a more valuable skill in the Network Marketing industry than learning how to spot the newest, greatest deal.