The True Spirit of Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Is that what the holiday feels like to you? Or are you burdened and stressed with so much to do? Enjoying the holiday, and feeling and sharing love and peace is what it is all about. I suggest that you sit down, close your eyes, and ask yourself what is the true spirit of Christmas. You may be surprised of the answer you receive.

The Christmas Holiday is a celebration of love and peace. There are many ways to rejoice and experience these wonderful feelings. Giving and receiving is one great way. However, being stressed and spending more than you can afford defeats the purpose because they are coming from fear instead of love.

Decorating your home and office with the holiday lights and fixtures is fun and beautiful to behold. Worrying about how it looks defeats the purpose. Lighten up and do your best.

Inviting loved ones to dinner and parties can be so much fun as long as you relax and allow the joy to come through. Stressing about everything being perfect can dampen the experience. The people are coming to share in the spirit of the holiday, which comes from your love and peace consciousness and not from material things or food.

Moderation of food and drinks is very helpful. Over-indulging in sugar can taste good but you are likely to be sorry later. Being frustrated with your weight gain and lowering of your immune system can be a consequence. Making sure that you get enough sleep is also important. Do you notice that when you feel tired or sick it is harder to come from your love space?

Remembering that the spirit of Christmas is love and peace for others, and also yourself, can guide you to enjoy the holidays and after. I suggest that you keep asking yourself, how am I feeling? You can put your hand over your heart to remind you to come from that loving place no matter what you are doing. Make yourself number one  that is a gift to others. Your loved ones want you to feel good and be healthy and happy.

Since the word should comes from fear, avoid that idea. Do what feels good to you and trust that others will be grateful. Expecting that family members and friends should be different can also be a set up for disappointment. Accept them the way they are and resist the temptation to take what they do or say personally. The truth is you are okay no matter what anyone says or does. Express your love and compassion, and you will be amazed how people may change also from fear to love.

The value of the present is in the love energy it is presented. An invaluable gift can be forgiveness of someone you are angry at, or saying you are sorry from your heart to another. What a wonderful way to celebrate this glorious holiday.

If you can, offer your services as a volunteer to those who are less fortunate than you. Reach out to others and your heart will sing. It is the little things that can make a big difference. Sincerely wishing others, including strangers, a joyful holiday from your heart can touch theirs.

The spirit of Christmas is bonding with others, spending quality time, taking the time to show you care, sharing fun times, and sending love and peace to the world. No matter how you choose to spend this holiday season, remember the true spirit of Christmas.