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The Truck Driver Way of Life

Truck drivers or “truckers” live a unique life on the road. Finding places to park for the night, adjusting to inconsistent sleep schedules, and cooking in a truck are just some of the things that a trucker deals with while on a trip. And while other people can’t handle 250 days on the road, these guys are pros at it.white and blue truck on road during daytime

It’s not all bad being on the road when you have enough experience behind the wheel. You’ll get used to this life as well. For truckers, living this lifestyle is a calling, and the road “calls your name.” These days, truck drivers are getting more attention as people who do an essential service. With that said, let’s take a look and learn more about the truck driver lifestyle. 

Living in a Truck

Having to live inside a truck can definitely make you feel cramped. The small dimensions of the truck make it difficult to stay neat and organized. The more you collect stuff, the harder it is to find a place for them. 

Some truck drivers enjoy designing their trucks. Decorating helps truckers express themselves by adding personality to their cabs. It also relieves their stress. Adding accessories like cup holders can help them transport multiple drinks and avoid spills. Installing phone mounts also provides a safe and simple way to make calls or use its voice assistant. 

This is one of the nicest parts of living in a truck—you can make it your personal space. Whenever you need to take a break or rest, you can do so without being bothered by anyone. 

There are also mattresses, shelves, and other things available that can help you feel at home. The last thing to remember here is that you don’t need to commute to work. Once you wake up, you’re already where you need to be to start your workday. 

Truck Driver Schedule

Schedules and routes vary from driver to driver. Some drive the same routes every week. This means they can go home every night of the week or the same day every week. For others or the “irregular truckers,” they won’t know the schedules and routes they will have from week to week. There are pros and cons for every shift or schedule. It just boils down to personal preference. 

A truck driver only has so much control over their daily schedule. Things like planning for parking, hours of service, and getting loaded or unloaded play a factor in how a truck driver’s day would look like. 

Wake-up times will depend on what time a truck driver finished the day before because every day is different depending on the truckload. A driver can either drive all day or spend most of their time at a shipper or receiver. When the job is finished for the day, truck drivers have time to do whatever they want before they get back on the road.  

Staying Healthy While on the Road

With the stress of long hour drives and late-night truck stops, truck drivers have been in constant battle with keeping themselves healthy. Their schedule makes it hard for them to find time to exercise. When truck drivers are done for the day, some stretch their legs out and walk to burn off some calories. But other drivers don’t have that luxury because they’re not done until late at night. The good news is that there are programs geared towards helping truckers stay fit through diet and exercise.

Many people think that truck drivers have unhealthy diets, but that is not the case. Not all truck stops are burgers, sodas, and chips. There are also healthy options that truck drivers eat while on the road. With amenities like crockpots and refrigerators, truck drivers can cook healthier foods while they’re on a trip. So with proper diet, exercise, and the right mindset, truck drivers can stay fit while they’re on the road.

The Lifestyle Is Different for Every Truck Driver

Not all truck drivers have the same lifestyle. There are a lot of aspects that we did not even get to discuss. This is just a sneak peek at what your life could be if you choose to have a career as a truck driver. 

But before you become a certified truck driver, you should get into a truck driving school first. This way, you’ll be able to learn more about the career and pass the CDL. So, enroll now at the nearest truck driving school in your area to start on that CDL and begin your truck driving career.