The Top Two Places to Buy Art

You can find art for the home or office just about anywhere these days. From local markets to one of the many cafes in tourist locations that often act as a gallery for a local artist. Some amazing pieces of local art are often found in souvenir shops along your journey. But where are the best places to buy art from? The two places I mostly like to buy art from are eBay and private collectors.

Buying Art Pieces From Ebay

Many artists love to sell on eBay. Its one of the few places where they can have their work seen by potentially hundreds of people. Artists are mostly desperate to have their work seen and because of this, art collectors can often “steal” works or art from unknown artists before they are discovered.

The great thing about buying art on eBay is that buyers can usually buy for reasonable prices. This is good for the art investor, because he knows that if he makes a mistake, at least he hasn’t risked a huge sum of money. Ebay has become the place to go for good deals so except in rare cases, you get a good deal for you money.

There is, however, a downside to buying art on eBay. You have to constantly watch out for fraud.

Some sellers, and no one knows exactly how many, will outright lie about the art they are selling. They’ll state that a piece of art is an original even though it isn’t. They’ll place fake signatures on paintings to make them seem more valuable to the bidders and drive up the bid price. They’ll forge paintings or prints and sell them for whatever they can get with the secure knowledge that they won’t have to pay a heavy price if they get caught.

If you’re a novice art buyer, and you’re thinking of buying an expensive piece of art, eBay is probably not for you. If youre an experience buyer, however, you can find some great deals.

Buying Art Pieces from Private Art Galleries

Private galleries are a great place to buy art. But you don’t want to buy from just anyone. You want to find out who the best dealers are in your particular art niche. For example, if you are interested in Native American art, you want to find the best dealers in that market. Once you find who they are, you want to begin to develop relationships with them. Doing this will not only help you when you get to the price haggling point, it will also ensure that you’re first on their “call list” when they get a new piece of art in.

In addition, a good dealer can help guide you in your art acquisitions by giving you their expert and honest opinions on which pieces are most likely to appreciate in value and which artists are likely to become more popular in years to come.

Wherever you decide to buy, just make sure that you love the piece you buy regardless of whether it will increase in value or not. That way you will never be disappointed in your purchase.