The Top 7 Surefire Ways To Generate Internet Leads For Your Online or Offline Business.

There tons of ways to generate internet leads for your business. I am going to go over what I feel to be the top 7.

I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat after waking from a dream about how all of my traffic (leads) had disappeared. Why? I had gotten away from the basics and was marketing using some played out tactics that no longer worked.

In today’s day and age, you need to use a variety of marketing methods. Get really good at mastering 2 of them. Notice I said 2 not seven. To find the two, you are going to have to use 7 to see which ones generate the most leads and traffic.

The 7 venues I feel are the best of the best are Blogging, Article Marketing, Google Adwords, Video Marketing, Banner Advertising, Forum Marketing and Direct Mail Postcards.


There are tons of blogging platforms on the web. Word Press, Blogger and Type-Pad are just a few. Blogging has become very popular in todays day and time and a lot of people use it to brand themselves with. It is a person’s hub or home base if you will.

Blog posts can show up in search engine results on Google and many other search engine sites for the specific keywords that were used in your post. For instance, if someone did a blog post on “The Top 7 surefire ways to generate leads for your online or offline business”, and someone types in “surefire ways to generate leads”, your post could show up.

Some of the benefits of blogging are very easy to publish. If you can type, you can blog.

Blogging allows your audience to easily find your content or the content they are looking for.

It’s a very social way for you to become a part of the online community and share your thoughts, feelings or attitude with your audience.

Blogging is viral. It makes your message available to countless people around the world.

It allows ease of linking. It is easy for people to link to and from you.

It is easy to take a blog post and then turn that post into an article and post it in article directory’s, blog directories, etc.

Article Marketing

Article writing and marketing is a very cheap way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. It helps build trust between you and your reader and allows you to establish credibility. By no means to you have to be an effective writer to have a killer article campaign.

Once you write an article, it is important to get it out there to as many sites as possible with different variations of your article. My favorite program to do this is Automatic Article Submitter, which blasts your article out to over 200 article directories. This drives mad traffic to your site and creates backlinks to your original content, which creates very relevant information for Google to index. I go more into this process on a previous post on my blog.

You can optimize your articles with relevant keywords that people search for and your article will then show up in the search engines when people go searching for them.

Next we are going to discuss the God Father/Mother of Internet Marketing and Lead Generation. Google Adwords.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the fastest way to get immediate traffic, HANDS DOWN!! It can also be the most intimidating of methods. You don’t want to just dive right in. You want to at least read Perry Marshal’s definative guide to Google Adwords. You want to make sure that you are putting your marketing dollards where they count. Google is the place to generate hoards of traffic, however, it’s not the place to sling mud against the wall and hope something sticks, cause you’ll go broke quick.

If you want to know where people are creating 7 figure incomes online, it’s done through GOOGLE, PERIOD! Case Closed! People are always searching for what you have to offer online. If they click on your Google Ad, you are one step closer to having a lead and new business partner or whatever it is your selling or offering online.

The next way to generate leads and traffic is through video marketing.

Video Marketing

This is my absolute favorite way to market online. I love it and I am damn good at it. I use a FLIP cam for all of my vidz ,but there are hundreds of cams you can use that work just as well. Right off the bat I will tell you, if your going to do videos, you need Traffic Geyser. Yep, you get it 30 days for free (I think). Then it’s $97 a month and well worth it. I don’t know anyone who has had success with videos without using the Traffic Geyser software to blast the videos and content everywhere on the web.

Here are the stats on who watches videos:

* 71% Employed, 15% are students
* Median Income $75,000
* Almost 50% are married
* 70% are college educated That is a GREAT audience!

People like to watch things rather than read them and videos gives them a chance to see and feel who you are as a person.

Next, I will briefly discuss Banner Advertising.

Banner Advertising

Banners are the little or sometimes big squares or rectangles that you see on people’s websites like such:

The awesome thing about banners is that you can target the exact person your looking for, right where they hang out online. You simply put your banner ads on the websites that your audience is looking for and presto. Banner ads provide a consistent flow of traffic and you can plan your advertising in advance.

Another free source of traffic can come from Forums.

Forum Marketing

Forum marketing is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to generate traffic as well as brand yourself as an expert online. All you have to do is participate in the discussions that you are interested in and provide value to the “threads” in the forums.

Keep in mind. This is not the place to pitch your business or you will get eaten alive and lose all credibility. It is a place to learn, share knowledge and gain trust, period! I recommend The Warrior Forum.

Last but not least is direct mail.

Direct Mail Postcards

A lot of marketers are missing a whole market here. Direct mail is not dead and can be an awesome source of leads and new business. It can be quite expensive, so this is not for the person on a budget. We have a company that does the printing and mailing of them. You will have to shop around. I highly recommend a campaign, meaning, don’t just send out 10,000 postcards. Sent out 3 waves of 10,000 postcards about 2 months apart. This is the drip method and your recipients will start to remember you.

Well folks, I would have liked to be more specific for each of the 7 traffic methods, but that would be like a course and I would have to charge you for that. So for now, you just got like thousands in information for FREE so enjoy it and put it to work.

Sure Firely yours,

Josh Boxer