The Top 3 Signs That She Is Attracted To You

Figuring out women can be difficult at best, and many men wonder how they will ever know if a woman really is interested. If you want to know if a woman is truly into you, there are a variety of different signs that you should be looking for. While women can, at times, seem mysterious, there are surefire ways that you can know if she is really interested in you.

Check on these various points of subtle body language and in no time, you’ll know if it is the real deal.

Clue That Tells If She Is Attracted To You #1: “Eye Contact”

If you really want to know if she is interested in you, you need to check out her eyes. They tell the whole the story. It’s amazing that so many guys forget this, because deep down inside they all know it.

When a woman is truly interested, her eyes will be focused completely on you. You’ll be able to feel her attention.

However, if she is not interested, her eyes will probably be scanning the room and the scenery.

Imagine if Michael Jordan was about to explain his biggest basketball secret to a 12 year old fan. How would the kid look at Jordan?

Do you get the point?

Great eye contact will let you know if she likes you, and you’ll also want to look for dilated eyes, because they are a natural indicator and she has no control over it.

Clue That Tells If She Is Attracted To You #2: “Nervousness”

If the woman you are with seems to be nervous, there’s a good chance she is really interested in you.

Nervousness can come across in a variety of different ways, such as fidgeting, playing with her hair, or even biting on her lower lip. While many guys believe that her nervousness is bad sign, it can actually be a “secret revealer” that exposes her interest level.

Whenever people finds themselves in situations where they don’t want to screw up, there is a natural tendency to get nervous.

Nervousness is simply the emotional response associated with not knowing what to do + a fear of experiencing an undesirable outcome.

For example, a woman may get nervous during a conversation with a new guy, because she doesn’t want to ruin her chances of getting the guy to ask for her phone number.

Clue That Tells If She Is Attracted To You #3: “Opening Up”

If a woman starts to open up to you during the conversation, it’s a huge indicator that she could be interested.

After your first conversations go beyond the weather and other general topics, you’ll want to pay attention to “self-revealing” talk.

If she begins to talk a bit about herself, particularly what type of woman she is, you’ll know that she is subtly trying to make herself more desirable in your eyes.