The Top 10 Reasons to Build Your Vocabulary

Can words change your life? Can your vocabulary make the difference between massive success and devastating failure? The answer is a resounding YES. A 20-year study of college graduates by Earl Nightingale showed that the ones with the highest score on vocabulary tests were later assessed as being in the highest earning group, and the ones with the poorest vocabularies were in the lowest earning group.

By the time you finish reading this article you will know exactly why. You’ll have the motivation to take your vocabulary to the next level, and to create your own personal plan of how you are going to learn the “magic words” that you must have to start achieving goals. You will reach new levels of success in your career, your social life, and your love life.

Reason 1: Skyrocket your career to a new level

Whether you want a promotion at your existing company, a new high-powered job, or just more money for what you already do – your vocabulary can get you there. Studies show that a good vocabulary is the single most relevant factor that determines career progression and salary level! (Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation)

Reason 2: Avoid costly mistakes that could damage your reputation at work just by opening your mouth

I bet you’ve seen it – someone at a meeting has just highlighted their ignorance and lost their reputation in seconds, simply by not knowing a key word. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you know the specific words you need in your job or industry to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and competent – in all business situations you might find yourself in.

Reason 3: Get experienced mentors to help you achieve your personal and business goals in record time

The people that can really help you to achieve massive success in an area that is new to you would normally be expensive consultants whose time would cost thousands of dollars an hour. A good vocabulary commands respect and credibility. Once you impress your superiors with your new powerful vocabulary, they will be happy to help you.

Reason 4: Get dozens of the best job offers around

Once you know the secret power words to use on your resume, you will never again be wishing for good job offers – your resume will work like a highly effective sales person.

Reason 5: Break into some of the most profitable businesses in the world

Once you have a powerful vocabulary, you will become a candidate for some of the most profitable endeavours imaginable. A powerful vocabulary will greatly enhance your chances of landing one of these killer jobs.

Reason 6: Use your great vocabulary to get treated like a celebrity when you go out to dinner!

With your new vocabulary, you’ll be much better at creating rapport in social settings. You’ll be able to tune in to the nuances of every conversation and say something truly memorable.

Reason 7: Find your perfect love partner

Having a wide vocabulary will enable you to establish an instant connection with anyone you meet. No more clumsy chat up lines for you, you will know exactly what to say to that attractive person who has caught your eye, wherever you meet them.

Reason 8: If you’re already in a relationship, take it to a whole new level

Already found the right partner? Want to take that relationship to a whole new level of thought provoking conversation? Your new powerful vocabulary will let you do just that.

Reason 9: Solve your relationship problems

Most relationships have problems at one time or another. Well chosen words facilitate better communication – a virtue in any relationship. A good vocabulary will allow you to express yourself clearly for maximum mutual understanding.

Reason 10: Create a stimulating environment for your children

Research shows that a child’s learning ability is influenced by the intellectual environment created by their carers. Speaking to your child with a rich vocabulary will help them reach their potential and enhance their learning.

With all those benefits to a huge vocabulary, are you ready to begin yet?