The Tongue of Soul and Self

Did you ever think about how powerful the tongue truly is? The tongue can get us in loads of trouble, or it could lead us to success. The tongue is powerful. It has the power to guide us to living happy, or it has the power to lead us to damnation.

When we set out to find the soul and self we must consider the power of our tongue. In short, we can use our tongue for self-talk lessons to retrain our mind. Mental talking or self-talk is the things that we discuss with self. When we use self-talk we can work toward self-rule, which gives us the freedom of speech. We can discuss our self-interest and speak, but we can also use our tongue to guide self into role-playing.

Self-expressions when combined with role-playing can send us into a higher plane of learning. It takes a little skill, but we all have the power to react and act out our behaviors to see through the barriers that hinder us from seeing self. Since, the soul is our body; we must learn to recognize responses and functions of our body to discover the soul as well. We can use our tongue to manage this task.

How to role-play:
Role-play is play-acting. It is a sort of game whereas we use our imagination and pretenses. Some people claim that role-playing is fantasy, but this is because sexual-based images and media have pushed these people to think along these lines. The fact is, role-playing can be a game, but it can also lead us to reality. The first step is getting in a relaxing position. What you are about to do is go inside self. Once you are in a relaxing position, sit across the room from someone you have imagined. If you have difficult developing mental images, or visuals, then think of a friend that you want to listen to you talk.

Once you have the visual in mind, relax. Go into a sort of meditative state of mind. Probe into your mind and begin the process of self-analyzing and self-examining. Think of yourself as someone else, such as your friend of imagined friend across the room. Let your friend express his tongue. Pretend that your friend is discussing his problems with you. Listen closely. Try not to let your mind wander.

As your friend speaks, consider the problems. If you cannot pinpoint the problem, think of the surrounding issues. Probe into your mind to help your friend discover answers that help him find his way to a higher conscious level.

If you had much trauma in your life, picture yourself in the company of a counselor and other people just like you. Ensure yourself that you are safe. Let your counselor listen to your tongue. When you are finished, let your counselor help you with your problems. Talk openly and do not be afraid of what you learn. You must open up to acceptance. This is the key point in finding self and the soul.

Self-talk can do amazing things for us. When no one else understands, we can rely on self-talk and role-playing to help us find answers to our problems. This is a sort of subliminal learning task. If you continue role-playing and using self-talk you can work through a wide arrangement of problems that develop from misconceptions.

In addition, by practicing meditation daily, you will learn to relax. Meditation guides us into relaxation, which encourages us to use our tongue. We take back our freedom of speech and the freedom to express our feelings.