The Three Things That Will Make Her Lose Respect For You

Whether you are looking to get serious with a woman or you are already in a relationship with that special lady, one key thing is to win and keep her respect.

Without her respect…

…you simple can’t build attraction.
…you simple can’t create romance.
…you simple can’t be taken seriously as a person.

Once the respect is lost, chances are you will not be able to earn it back for awhile. So knowing how to keep respect should be the obvious thing to do.

The following are things that you should avoid doing because they result in making a woman lose respect for you in the worse.

Keep these things in mind so that you can keep the respect forever.

Tip #1: “Women don’t Respect Liars”

One of the easiest ways to lose the respect of a woman is by lying to her. Many men make this mistake and feel that telling the truth may cause a problem. But if a woman finds out that you have lied to her, you will not only lose her respect, but you will probably lose her, too. Even if they do not like the truth, women would always rather hear the truth over a lie.

The best rule is to always tell the truth, which will gain you the respect you want and need.

Tip #2: “Have Mastery Over Your Emotions”

Another way that you can quickly lose the respect of a woman is to be quick to anger or show that you have a short fuse.

Showing your temper at the least little thing can be a real turn off to a woman and can make her wonder whether you are capable of staying in control or if your anger controls you.

Many woman also see this as a warning sign that you may be the abusive type, so keep a rein on your anger if you want to keep her respect.

Tip #3: “Display Good Manners”

. If you have no manners, you better get them very quickly, because this is a silent Respect Killer.

While woman will not lose respect for you if you do not know the difference between a dessert fork and a salad fork, things like chewing with your mouth open and loudly, excessive burping, and failing to help her with doors or her seat is likely to cost you a few respect points.

A mistake now and then isn’t going to immediately chase her away, but if you make bad manners a habit you will lose respect with ease. I’ve interviewed many women about this and shockingly all of them had several memorable stories about guys who displayed a Gagging Level of bad manners – to the point where they felt a need to end the date early.

And all of the women consistently said that the men were 100% clueless to what they were doing.